Cyberpsychos are boss like enemies that populate Night City. When you approach one for the first time, Regina will call you and ask if you can help with the situation, using non-lethal means if possible. You’ll receive the Side Job Psycho Killer at this point in which you need to neurtralize 17 of them. Oddly enough, credit will count as non-lethal, even when using lethal means so don’t fret too much about the way you deal with these tricky foes. Once you deal with a Cyberpsycho, you’ll have to search around for either a Shard or computer for the information Regina is looking for.

Watson Cyberpsychos

Name Subdistrict Prerequisite
Ticket to the Major Leagues Little China Complete Main Job The Rescue
Demons of War Kabuki Complete Main Job The Rescue
Lt. Mower Kabuki Complete Main Job The Rescue
Where the Bodies hit the Floor Northside Complete Main Job The Rescue
Six Feet Under Northside Complete Main Job The Rescue
Bloody Ritual Northside Complete Main Job Playing for Time

Pacifica Cyberpsychos

Name Subdistrict Prerequisite
Smoke on the Water Coastview Complete Main Job The Rescue
Lex Talionis Coastview Complete Main Job Playing For Time

Santo Domingo Cyberpsychos

Name Subdistrict Prerequisite
Discount Doc Rancho Coronado Complete Main Job The Rescue
Under the Bridge Arroyo Complete Main Job The Rescue

Heywood Cyberpsychos

Name Subdistrict Prerequisite
Seaside Cafe Wellsprings Complete Main Job The Heist

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