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Cyberpunk 2077

Edgerunners New Ranged Weapons

Nathan Garvin

Information about the new ranged weapon types added in Cyberpunk 2077’s Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6), including where to find these new ranged weapons. Including details about finding the Hypercritical and Guts iconic weapons.

A variety of new weapons can be found throughout Night City once the Edgerunners Update is installed.

New Ranged Weapons in the Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update

Along with three new Gigs ([Concrete Cage Trap], [Desperate Measures], [Nasty Hangeover]), a new Side Job ([Over the Edge]), the [Roach Race] arcade game, the Wardrobe feature and various Edgerunner-themed easter eggs, the Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6) added several new types of ranged weapons and melee weapons to the game. The new ranged weapons added include the following:

Weapon Type Notes
Kappa Smart Pistol An automatic pistol, can home on up to two targets.
Kyubi Power Assault Rifle A somewhat slow-firing, deliberate, semi-automatic assault rifle.
MA70 HB Power Light Machine Gun An automatic weapon that’s somewhat slow, takes a few shots to reach full rate of fire.
VST-37 Pozhar Power Shotgun A fully automatic shotgun.

Once the Edgerunner’s Update (Patch 1.6) has been installed, these weapons will propagate throughout Night City. You can acquire them from defeated enemies, loot them from containers, or buy them from shops. Like other weapons, they come in the standard rarities, although if there are crafting schematics or legendary variants of these weapons, we haven’t found them yet.

In addition to these standard weapons you’ll find throughout the game there are also two unique, iconic weapons new to the Edgerunners Update, the Hypercritical and Guts.

You’ll find Hypercritical - a potent sniper rifle - during the Gig “Concrete Cage Trap”.

How to Find Hypercritical

Hypercritical is an iconic Power Precision Rifle with high single-shot damage, a chance to cause bullets to ricochet, a high headshot damage multiplier and a low rate of fire; a fine weapon for an aspiring sniper… provided your Body stat is high enough to handle it.

You’ll find this weapon during the Gig [Concrete Cage Trap]. Sneak or fight past the Militech goons until you reach the apartment where Tiny Mike is holed up. You’ll find Tiny Mike - and this not-so-tiny rifle - in the bathroom. He’s in no position to fuss over ownership, so you’re free to just grab it. Check out the linked page for a full walkthrough of the Gig.

How to Find Guts

Guts is an iconic Power Shotgun, the weapon of choice of Rebecca from the Edgerunners anime. To find this weapon, travel to the Arasaka Tower fast travel (City Center - Corpo Plaza). When you zone in, turn right and follow the street until you find some stairs up to your right. Ascend them and when you reach the top you’ll find a holographic fish swimming over a glass floor suspended over the street below. Turn left and follow the walkway around this glass floor, and when the walkway ends you’ll find three monks kneeling in front of you. Walk up to them and when you reach them turn left and walk forward until you find a hedge. Turn left and follow the edge of the hedge through two bushes until you reach a third, thicker bush. Search the ground near this bush to find this gun.

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