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Cyberpunk 2077

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The Space in Between

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

This job starts immediately after Auotmatic Love ends. As soon as you exit the elevator, in fact.

Things start auspiciously enough, with another relic malfunction and one of the longer chats you’ve had with Johnny thus far, where he’ll insist he’s had a change of heart about wanting you dead, and suggest a long-term goal that’ll get both of you what you want.

After Johnny’s gone, you’ll be presented with two objectives: “Call Judy”, and “Go to Jig-Jig Street”. It doesn’t really matter if you call Judy or not - if you do, she’ll give you some information about Fingers before you get to witness the truth of the matter first-hand.

As for Jig-Jig Street, it’s close enough that you can reach it on foot from Clouds, just follow the yellow quest trail and it’ll take you to the building you’re looking for.

(1 of 2) Either talk your way past the punks,

Either talk your way past the punks, (left), or use violence to convince them to grant you passage. (right)

Sadly, a trio of punks will confront you when you approach the building, giving you a few options:

  • “I don’t want any trouble.”: Punks will let you pass.
  • “Looking for Fingers.”
    • “Got a busted implant.”
      • “Yes.”: Punks will let you pass.
      • “No, but you are.”: Punks will attack.
        • “Fine. I overdid it.”
        • “I never apologize. To trash.”
    • “Not your biz.”: Punks will attack.
  • “Fuck off.”: Punks will attack.
  • [Body 12] “Don’t start.”: Punks will let you pass.

Either provoke a fight and put them down, or get them to let you pass peacefully, then head up to the lobby outside of Fingers’ office. Waiting outside you’ll find Judy, who will encourage you to find a way to jump the line, but you can also try to find another way into Fingers’ office…

(1 of 3) You can get into Fingers' office by talking to the other prospective clients and saying literally anything,

If you want to try talking, sit down in the only space available while simultaneously picking one of three dialogue options, none of which really matter, as they all lead to the same five followup dialogue options. These five followup options aren’t all that important, either, as they’ll all result in you seeing Fingers sooner or later, and there’s no consequences for talking, waiting, bribing or passing an attribute check.

If sitting down and picking literally any dialogue option available is too easy for you, you can always leave the clinic, climb up onto a metal walkway surrounding the building, and work your way around to find a closed shutter, which you can open by quickhacking it or passing a [Technical Ability 5] check.

However you manage it, you’ll get inside Fingers’ office. The only difference is, if you went in through the shutter he’ll still be working on his current client, and you’ll be able to force him to meet with you now, or wait for him to finish. When he gets around to talking to you, you’ll get plenty of dialogue options… again, few of them matter. Say whatever you want and you’ll get Fingers to spill what little he knows about Evelyn. Judy’s reaction will vary depending on what you say, but surprisingly your actions here don’t seem to affect any possible future relationship with her.

There’s only one choice you can make that really matters in any way: if you punch Fingers, he’ll refuse to offer you his services as a Ripperdoc later, preventing you from accessing whatever cyberware he normally sells (assuming, of course, you haven’t purchased it already). The most notable of this cyberware includes the legendary Cataresist immune system cyberware, the legendary Pain Editor immune system cyberware and the legendary Qiant Sandevistan Mk.5 operating system.

Once you’ve obtained what information you can get from Fingers, this job will end and the far more substantial followup job Disasterpiece will begin.

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