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Cyberpunk 2077

The Street Kid

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

Life is rough for a street kid in Night City, a fact that V demonstrates after an attempted mugging left your protagonist with a broken nose. Take the shot if you wish - it’s the only “anesthetic” you’re going to get to help with such an injury - and set your nose.

(1 of 2) Work out a plan with Kirk,

Work out a plan with Kirk, (left), then take a ride with Padre, during which some “business” will temporarily delay you. (right)

The Street Kid Walkthrough - Cyberpunk 2077

After your beak is pointing in the right direction again, it’s back to business, as the local bartender, Pepe, who kindly offered you the “medicine” you may have just ingested will now complain about his own problems. After you agree to help out, seek out the cause of Pepe’s woes by following the yellow quest trail on your minimap on the top right of the screen, which will lead you upstairs to Kirk.

Talk to him and you’ll engage in some rather tense negotiations, which ultimately ends with you trading your services as a general ne’er-do-well to absolve Pepe’s debt… and earn you a bit of cash on the side. Hash out the details and you’ll get an essential piece of kit for the upcoming heist, then follow the yellow quest trail as it leads you outside and down an alley, where you’ll meet a man named Padre, who offers to give you a ride to your destination.

Enjoy the backstory divulged during the drive, and when your cruise is interrupted by some of Padre’s “business”, either stay silent or engage in some shit-talking, after which you’ll be on your way. Padre takes you to your destination and you part amicably, with the seeds of future business planted. Networking - it’s a good thing.

(1 of 2) While the Aerondight heist goes smoothly enough, once you’re in the driver’s seat you’ll be met with… a complication,

While the Aerondight heist goes smoothly enough, once you’re in the driver’s seat you’ll be met with… a complication, (left), which quickly leads to more unwanted attention. (right)

Back on the streets, follow the yellow quest trail into a building and ride an elevator to a parking garage, and after a call from Kirk head down a hallway and enter the parking garage. Once there, talk to Rick and he’ll fulfill his end of the bargain. Head to the opposite end of the garage and to find your target - the Rayfield Aerondight - and everything will go surprisingly smoothly… until you’re in the driver’s seat, that is.

You’ll be interrupted twice and you’ll get a few timed dialogue choices, but none of them really matter. The pecking order of street rats, NCPD and corpos will be established, but overall nativism proves a durable bond that transcends class and occupation. Things might not have turned out as you wished, but you reconcile with your would-be assailant and gain some intel about Kirk that’ll doubtlessly give Pepe some peace-of-mind.

With the formation of that new partnership, the game will fast forward six months. Watch the scenes and you’ll be back in control at the start of the main job The Rescue, but before you can really start that job, Jackie will offer you an opportunity to make use of a training sim. This simulation - Practice Makes Perfect - functions as the game’s tutorial, and you’re encouraged to play through it. Pick which one you want to continue on.

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