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Cyberpunk 2077

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Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite
Rancho Coronado Complete the Main Job The Rescue


Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado is a subquest of the Beat on the Brat superquest, one of the four Side Jobs you must complete before you can challenge the final fighter at the end of the Beat on the Brat questline.

(1 of 4) Bribe or threaten a ganger to gain access to the Animals-controlled warhouse.

Beat on the Brat: Rhino

Make your way to the warehouse where the champion of Rancho Coronado - Rhino - is located, which is just south of the conveniently-placed Rancho Coronado South fast travel terminal. When you arrive, you’ll be stopped at the door by an Animals thug, whom you can either bribe or intimidate with a [Body] check.

However you manage it, once you get inside, seek out Rhino. Things are much less complicated with her - she doesn’t want money complicating the sporting aspect of your fight, so you simply need to state your challenge, then follow her into the pit which will serve as your battlefield.

Rhino is on another level from Buck and Cesar, and ideally she’ll be the last foe you face in the Beat on the Brat questline… at least, the last before the final bout. If you’re high level, with plenty of Health boosts, she might take 3-4 hits to take you down. If you’re not so well-leveled or you haven’t invested in Health-boosting perks and cyberware, she’ll put you down even faster. You can block most of her attacks, but if you’re running a low Body build that hasn’t invested much into Athletics or Street Brawler, this fight is going to be a slog.

Still, a suboptimal fighter can still win, but you’ll either need excellent fundamentals (the ability to block/parry and counter) or you’ll need to abuse Sandevistan, which will give you a great advantage in this fight. Rhino doesn’t do much aside from combos and the odd parry, and while she can use Charge Jump and Combat Stim, she rarely employs either. Use Sandevistan to dilate time and while it’s active dish out as much damage as possible (spamming Strong Attacks will get through her guard regularly), then try to block/dodge her while Sandevistan is on cooldown.

Rhino not only has great damage output (something complicated by the confines of the pit you’re in) but she’s got a lot of Health. Expect to take multiple Sandevistan cycles to defeat her, and if you don’t have Gorilla Arms… good luck. If she’s causing you a lot of trouble, you probably need to change something - invest in Body, buy some perks in the Athletics/Street Brawler trees, purchase superior Cyberware (Gorilla Arms, Sandevistan and mods for both being top priorities) - as the final opponent for this questline is significantly stronger than even Rhino, if you can believe that.

Assuming Rhino was your final opponent in the four Beat on the Brat subquests you’ll be ready to move onto the final fight. To get this to trigger, however, you’ll need to complete the Main Job Transmission, then wait for Coach Fred to call you with the details. The final fight in this questline is covered on the original Beat on the Brat page.

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