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Subdistrict Prerequisite
Japantown Complete the Side Job “Both Sides, Now

Don't blow Judy off, as this will terminate her questline.


The second Side Job in Judy’s questline, this job will start after Both Sides, Now ends, although you’ll have to wait for a text, then a call from Judy before it does.

Meeting Maiko

After your call from Judy, make your way back to Clouds in Japantown - traveling to the Megabuilding H8 fast travel terminal is probably the fastest way to get there, and it puts you right outside of the building where Clouds is located.

However you get there, when you arrive head up the elevator to the floor Clouds is on and make sure it’s early morning - before 8:00 AM. Once there, follow the quest trail onto some exterior walkways (the same walkways that you may have used to reach the storage room of Clouds back during Automatic Love), up a ladder, and ultimately onto the terrace where Judy awaits. Talk to her and she’ll open the way into Maiko’s office.

Head inside and you’ll get to chat with Maiko. No fuss, no muss. What you say here doesn’t matter, it’ll end with Maiko blowing you off. The only thing that really changes - besides the precise sort of scorn Maiko will have for you depending on how you handled yourself during Automatic Love - is whether Woodman survived your encounter in the aforementioned quest. If he did, she’ll give you a parting gift by telling you where you can find him.

Either way, leave Maiko’s office and talk to Judy, then follow her back to the elevator. If you already killed Woodman, you’ll just ride down to the ground floor, chat with her some more as she schemes, and the quest will end. If you didn’t kill Woodman during Automatic Love, Judy will ask you about him when you reach the elevator. If you say “We pay him no mind.” and “Rather not kill him.” and you’ll convince Judy to abandon her murderous intentions. On the other hand, if you say “We kill the motherfucker.”… well… it’s time to pay Woodman a visit.

(1 of 2) Your meeting with Maiko is largely fruitless, but if you didn't kill Woodman earlier, she'll offer him up.

Your meeting with Maiko is largely fruitless, but if you didn't kill Woodman earlier, she'll offer him up. (left), Head down to maintenance and put a few bullets in Woodman, for Evelyn. And for all the women he might otherwise harm. (right)

Killing Woodman

Get on the elevator and ride down to the maintenance level (or skip the confrontation with Woodman by just going down to the ground floor - last chance) and follow Judy to confront Woodman. A few words later and you’ll be fighting. Woodman will seek to charge you and engage in melee combat, where you’ll find he’s no slouch. Not only is he doggedly aggressive and packs quite a punch, but he’s got the Combat Stim, Break Hold, Charge Jump and Subdermal Armor abilities. He is, however, weak to fire, and not so durable that a few headshots won’t put him down. When he falls, be sure to loot him for the legendary Ajax he drops.

Once Woodman is defeated, search the maintenance area to find a computer resting on some barrels you can jack into [Intelligence 6], then return to the elevator, ride down to the ground floor, and walk and talk with Judy. She’ll start scheming once she’s out of the megabuilding, and promise to call you later. This ends Ex-Factor, the next Side Job in this questline is Talkin’ ’Bout a Revolution.


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