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Cyberpunk 2077

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The Beast in Me

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite
Watson Complete the Main Job Double Life


The Beast in Me is a superquest that includes various subquests (The Beast in Me: City Center, The Beast in Me: Badlands for example). It’ll start after you leave Judy’s apartment at the end of Double Life, pending a call from Claire, who invites you to her garage.

Visit Claire in Her Garage

Find a fast travel terminal and use it to travel to the Hargreaves St. fast travel terminal in Arroyo. The quest objective says you have to visit during the day, but that doesn’t actually seem to be the case… unless midnight still counts as “day” somehow.

Anyways, from the aforementioned fast travel terminal, Claire’s garage is a short distance away. Head inside and speak with her and she’ll ask you to be the driver in a series of local races. You can use one of your vehicles or hers, as you prefer, and to advance you’ll need to place well enough in a series of three qualifying races:

You’ll typically need to wait twenty-four hours for Claire to text you (this is wonky, as skipping time twenty-four hours doesn’t always result in the text you’re looking for - be prepared to do other jobs in between races to advance time), head to the start location of the next race, then advance time there, talk to Claire and finally start each race.

Finishing the Qualifying Races

This is a bit of an odd “race” questline, as you can probably tell by the header title, above. Note the word “finish”, not “win”. You don’t have to come in first, and honestly, with how the AI in these races works, it’s kind of difficult to come in below third.

Generally speaking driving smart is better than driving fast. Actively slow down when going into turns and try to avoid making big mistakes - the AI isn’t great at turning, either, so if you learn to turn effectively, you’ll likely make up ground at each turn. Other than that, just follow the direction arrows marking the route and ignore Claire as she fires. Ramming opponents out of the way can be effective, but you really shouldn’t count on any other drivers being destroyed. It’s honestly more of a distraction than a reliable, meaningful component of these races.

After you finish the third of these three qualifying races, The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo, be sure to pick the following dialogue options when talking to Claire:

  • “Sorry, Claire, but I can’t help.”
    • “Okay, I’ll still drive. But only to win.”

(1 of 3) During "The Big Race" you'll get a choice to either follow Samson or finish the race.

Decision at the Big Race

This will give you more options later. After the three aforementioned qualifying races you’ll need to wait twenty-four hours, then message Claire, and after that you’ll need to wait for Claire to message you. When she does, the Side Job The Beast in Me: The Big Race will begin. At this point The Beast in Me and The Beast in Me: The Big Race become fairly intertwined.

The substance of the majority of the race itself occurs under the auspices of The Beast in Me: The Big Race, which is largely scripted and not much of a “race” at all. Just keep near-ish to Samson (even being 70~ meters away is fine, and it’s honestly hard to fall further behind) until his vehicle is damaged at around the twenty-fifth checkpoint, at which point you’ll have to make a decision.

If you ignore Samson and finish the race, you’ll pocket €$4,000+ at the expense of angering Claire. Since there are potentially two new vehicles on the line if you follow Samson, we suggest that course of action. If you choose to follow Samson, you’ll forfeit the race and suitably the Side Job The Beast in Me: The Big Race will end, and the rest of the questline will play out in The Beast in Me.

Follow Samson as he drives lethargically for a short distance before eventually crashing. You’ll automatically park and exit The Beast, whereupon Claire will confront an injured Samson. A number of timed dialogues will occur, most of which only have one choice. If you want to talk Claire out of violence, make sure to respond during every timed dialogue, and finally when you get a choice (also timed) pick the option “Yeah. Let him go.”. If you did not pick the correct dialogue options at the end of The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo, if you miss a timed dialogue response, or if during the final option you pick “Do what you have to do.”, Claire will claim vengeance.

After your encounter with Samson, ride back with Claire or find your own way back. If you abandoned the race to chase Samson, Claire will give you the Mackinaw “Beast” as a reward, regardless of what happened with Samson. Far better than the €$4,000~ reward for winning the race. If you convinced Claire to spare Samson, wait a week and he’ll message you, giving you the Type-66 Cthulhu - the vehicle he drove in the last race.

In any event, this quest - and with it the whole The Beast in Me questline will end once you part ways with Claire.

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