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Transmission - Part 2

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

The first part of Transmission begins immediately after I Walk the Line ends, but is interrupted shortly by another Johnny segment, Never Fade Away.

Alt Aftermath

After the Johnny segment ends, you’ll be back in the cyberworld talking to Johnny, then you’ll be talking to Brigitte. Keep talking to her until you’re prompted to pass through the Blackwall, then do so and you’ll eventually find yourself talking to Alt and Johnny. The three of you will scheme and come up with a plan, which is honestly the most forward progress you’ve made since you woke up in that trash heap outside of Night City.

Looks like Johnny was right about one thing - the path of your destiny leads to Mikoshi.

Once you’re done talking with Alt and Johnny you’ll be back in the real world, where the situation is drastically different depending on whether you made a deal with the NetWatch agent or not. If you didn’t, Brigitte and the rest of the Voodoo Boys netrunners are fine, and you can just walk right out. Quest over, no complications.

Escape the Hideout

If you made a deal with the NetWatch agent, then Brigitte and the Voodoo Boys netrunners will have ended up as collateral damage. It took Brigitte to pacify Placide the last time you encountered him when there was no direct harm caused by your deal with the NetWatch agent, but now with Brigitte gone and the consequences of your actions rotting in the depths of the Voodoo Boys hideout… well, you two probably aren’t going to be friends.

Loot the dead netrunners, jack into an Access Point [Intelligence 10] on the wall near the exit, then pass through the train and turn right. When you do, be careful, as several Voodoo Boys are gathered ahead. It won’t be long before they head through the train to investigate what happened, although you can hide from and ignore most of them leaving only one Voodoo Boys ganger standing between you and the way back to the chapel. When the Voodoo Boys gangers start heading towards their dead netrunners, just hide in the back of the train. A “distract” quickhack is all you need to get the lone ganger guarding the entrance into a position from which you can easily take him out without alerting his pals.

Go down a tunnel, turn right through a hole in the wall, but pause before heading into an adjoining tunnel, as a ganger will pass by. When he does, sneak up behind him and put him down, then turn right and head down another hallway, turning left when you must to find another ganger waiting for you ahead. This one will come searching for you, advancing as far as the train, but you can hide behind a pillar and just let him walk past, or backtrack to the train and wait for him to inevitably turn his back to you. With that ganger dead you need merely follow the quest trail up the stairs he guarded and back into the chapel.

(1 of 4) Left to his own devices, Placide will happily stand back and shoot at you with his shotgun.

Boss: Placide

In the chapel you’ll find Placide waiting for you, along with a Voodoo Boys ganger, who is of little consequence in the upcoming fight save as a potential spoiler of stealth tactics. The ganger will soon head into the depths of the chapel, but you should be able to hide behind the pew to keep out of sight. Either let the ganger go, or dispatch him as he heads downstairs.

Placide is the real threat, and he’s got the Combat Stim, Sandevistan, Kerenzikov and Charge Jump abilities - a pretty standard package of cyberware for dangerous foes. He’s also resistant to chemical and electrical damage, and adds a whopping +9 to RAM costs. He’s also not connected to any networks, somehow, so you can’t make use of your Mass Vulnerability daemon. Suffice to say, quickhacks aren’t going to be much use in this fight, especially since they’ve got a significantly increased upload time in addition to their boosted RAM cost. Placide is, however, weak to fire damage, if you’ve got that available.

Offensively, Placide isn’t terribly impressive, preferring to just stand back and shoot with his shotgun. Granted, he’s not in a bad location for such a weapon, and his Sandevistan will allow him to zip about quickly, but he’s not always keen on flanking, and there’s a lot of cover you can use. Placide also isn’t terribly sturdy, so if you can pull off headshots reliably, it should only take a few good shots to take Placide down.

Exiting the Chapel

If you didn’t cut a deal with the NetWatch agent, just stroll out of the chapel. If you did, fight your way through the hideout and the chapel, then loot Placide for his Chapel Access Token and the legendary armor he drops, and exit. Either way, once you’re outside you’ll have another massive relic malfunction, which prompts another extended chat with Johnny. This is part of the Tapeworm quest, and just like the episode after you completed Automatic Love, what you say (or if you just down some psudoendotrizine pills to shut Johnny up) doesn’t matter.

In any event, once you recover you’ll be ready to move on with the next questline - you completed the Voodoo Boys job and gained some useful intel, next up is either Pan Am’s questline, starting with Ghost Town or Takemura’s questline, starting with Down on the Street. Both are equally viable, but we’re going to opt for the former, saving Takemura’s questline for last.

In addition to these Main Jobs, you should unlock a few more Side Jobs after completing Transmission, and hence, the Voodoo Boys questline. These include the final quest in the Beat on the Brat questline and the Side Jobs [Killing Machine] and Send in the Clowns.


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