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Cyberpunk 2077

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Concrete Cage Trap

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Gig “Concrete Cage Trap” in Cyberpunk 2077, including information about how to obtain the iconic weapon Hypercritical.

Concrete Cage Trap a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077, which was added to the game in the Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6). It’ll appear automatically on your map in Watson - Kabuki (the Sutter St fast travel will get you close), and when you approach the marker you’ll get a call from Regina Jones, who will provide you with details if you choose to answer. Her agent, Tiny Mike, earned the ill attention of Militech, and now he’s cornered in a safehouse. Get past Militech by whatever means you see fit to employ and rescue Tiny Mike.

(1 of 2) You can gain access to a fire escape by various means, the easiest of which is by simply double jumping.

You can gain access to a fire escape by various means, the easiest of which is by simply double jumping. (left), Wait for some Militech troopers to breach an apartment ahead of you, then sneak past when they're busy terrorizing innocents. (right)

How to Rescue Tiny Mike

There are, as usual, many ways of going about this depending on your build, cyberware and inclinations, with an old-fashioned gunfight being perhaps the fastest and simplest way of reaching Tiny Mike, provided you don’t mind dusting the better part of a dozen Militech thugs.

If you want to use more finesse, stealth, a Technical score of 7 - 9, a potent weapon with a silencer, quickhacks and/or the Reinforced Tendons cyberware will all come in handy and open up new routes. The most obvious approach is actually fairly fruitful - if you possess [Technical 7] you can just unlock the front door to get inside the apartment building. Alternatively you can pay two thugs outside €$100 to tell you about some vending machines around the corner you can use to reach a fire escape above the aforementioned locked door. Of course, now that you know about that secret, you don’t need to pay them to use it… and if you have Reinforced Tendons you can just double jump up to the fire escape.

However you reach the interior of this apartment building, it opens up your options tremendously, and we’ll share with you one route which will allow you to bypass any guard without having to make use (or further use, as the case may be) of double jump or [Technical] checks. If you’re not already at the fire escape, go upstairs and climb out a window to reach it, then continue up a flight of stairs on the fire escape round a corner to the right, then proceed until you find two Militech goons outside an apartment. Get close enough for them to start talking, but not close enough to be seen, and when they breach the apartment and head on in, you can sneak past (you may wish to quickhack the window shutters to close them before you advance).

(1 of 2) Be sure to grab the icon rifle "Hypercritical" from the sink near Tiny Mike.

Be sure to grab the icon rifle "Hypercritical" from the sink near Tiny Mike. (left), After relieving Tiny Mike of his weapon, be a pal and fetch his inhaler. (right)

Go through a hallway, exit back outside, then follow the walkway until you reach an apparent dead end. Turn left, drop down to a walkway below you, then continue forward, turn left and climb a ladder. All you have to do now is cross a walkway to reach the door to Tiny Mike’s safehouse. Once inside, go downstairs and enter an apartment to find Tiny Mike in the bathroom, somewhat worse for wear. He’ll ask you to get him his “huffer” from the living room, but before you do, nab the Hypercritical Power Precision Rifle** from near the sink.

Head out into the living room and search a bag for Mike’s Inhaler, grab it, bring it to him, then after some chatter (what you say doesn’t matter) follow him out of his apartment and downstairs, where he’ll snoop on the Militech troopers outside. He can get you out without a fuss (well, 80% chance… those aren’t bad odds, though!), but he’s otherwise a passive partner in this escape - he’ll follow you wherever you lead, and if you take him to the door outside the restaurant, he’ll try to get it open.

(1 of 2) Sneaking out will be easier if you takedown two guards - including a heavy.

Sneaking out will be easier if you takedown two guards - including a heavy. (left), Escort Mike to the restaurant door and he'll get it open, making the rest of the escape a breeze. (right)

There are only a few Militech grunts outside (although one of them is a heavy), and if you can track them on your minimap you’ll notice their coverage isn’t great (hitting the heavy with Ping should reveal nearby enemies on the minimap). You can possibly sneak past them when they’re not looking, but it’s safer to just wait until nobody’s looking at the heavy and his back is turned to the door, which will allow you to perform an easy takedown. Just be wary, as you’ll need to drag the body upstairs to prevent detection - apparently those shutters aren’t quite shuttered enough.

Once the heavy is down, take out another patrolling guard near the door you need to get Tiny Mike to (from the door near the heavy, you need to make two lefts to reach the door you need to get Tiny Mike to) and dump this one’s body in the convenient dumpster nearby. Approach the door and Tiny Mike should do his thing, after which you just need to pass through the small restaurant, exit via the double doors on the other side, and take two rights to find Regina’s car waiting. Hop in and engage in some small talk with Tiny Mike and you’ll part on good terms. Easy job, and Regina will wire you €$12,000.

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