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Cyberpunk 2077

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The Ride

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
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Shane Williams

Now that you’re done getting repaired and upgraded, courtesy of Vik, it’s time to meet back up with Jackie. Poor boy is getting restless, as indicated by the message you receive from him. Better go check on him. Follow the yellow quest trail back to Misty’s shop to find Jackie, who will simply refer you to Dex.

(1 of 2) After exiting MIsty's shop, Regina will call you to tell you about the cyberpsychos stalking Night City.

After exiting MIsty's shop, Regina will call you to tell you about the cyberpsychos stalking Night City. (left), Meet up with Dex, and the rest of the mission will largely consist of you learning about two upcoming quests. (right)

How to Complete The Ride in Cyberpunk 2077

Leave the shop and once outside Regina will call you again and tell you about the scourge of cyberpsychos in Night City, people who suffer from cyberpsychosis that are now running amok. Whatever they were before, their cybernetic augmentations make them deadly threats, threats that Regina wants neutralized. If you can dispatch them without killing them, all the better. After all, they’re suffering from a form of mental illness, taking them alive allows them to be treated, rehabilitated, and studied. This will start the side job (and superquest) [Psycho Killer], which tasks you with taking down all seventeen of Night City’s at large cyberpsychos. Obviously something you won’t be completing any time soon.

After Regina hangs up, take a right to reach a bisecting street, then turn left and follow the road (and your yellow quest trail) to find Dexter DeShawn’s car waiting for you. Get in and Dex will detail the job for you, along with some ontological probing on Dex’s part. Dex’s job actually has two components, meeting with the job’s client, Evelyn Parker, and recover a stolen prototype “Flathead” robot from the Maelstrom gang.

Pick what dialog choices you want, and after the details are divulged Dex will drop you off, following which you’ll get a call from Jackie where you’ll relay the information you just received. This ends The Ride and begins the next two main jobs, [The Information] and [The Pickup]. Whichever one you tell Jackie you aim to complete first just determines which one ends up tracked first, you’re not bound by anything you say during this mission.

Exploring Night City

Despite the fact that you’ve got two new main jobs ahead of you, this is also a good time to finally explore Night City, whether you just want to take in the sights, terrorize random street thugs and gangers, deal with “Suspected Organized Crime Activity” and “Assault in Progress” events, complete Gigs and Side Jobs, or some combination of the above. Killing enemies and completing Gig and Side Jobs will earn you XP (both for your character level and skill levels, depending on what skills you use) and Street Cred, not to mention item and eddies.

Do as much or as little as you care to, and when you’re ready to press the story start up one of the two main jobs available to you. There’s no combat in The Information, making it another easy way to earn XP while The Pickup is somewhat more complicated. Other than that, there’s no reason why one quest should be favored over the other.

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