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Cyberpunk 2077

Nocturne Op55N1

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Nocturne Op55N1 will begin after you complete Search and Destroy, but you won’t be able to really get moving on it until after Tapeworm, which in turn sets up some Side Jobs involving Rogue and Kerry, at least a few of which (Chippin’ In and Blistering Love) you should consider doing before progressing Nocturne Op55N1. Nocturne Op55N1 isn’t the final Main Job in the game, but it is the point of no return, so you’ll ideally want as many possible ending routes unlocked ahead of time. That being the case, before we discuss the events of Nocturne Op55N1, we’ll cover how to unlock all the game’s endings.

Endings and Outcomes

There are technically five distinct endings in Cyberpunk 2077, in that towards the end of Nocturne Op55N1 you’ll get five dialogue choices that lead to the credits rolling after five different scenarios, although not all endings are created equal. If we’re going by epilogue quests, there are four endings, but some ending scenarios share epilogues, and two distinct endings both lead to the same two possible outcomes, hence epilogue quests. If you’re worried about trophies/achievements, they also tend to follow epilogue quests.

Below you’ll find a list of all the ending, what epilogues you can view by undertaking them, and how to unlock them:

Ending Epilogues How to Unlock
Cleanest, Least Bloody Route Always available
Hanako’s Route Where is My Mind? Always available
Panam’s Route All Along the Watchtower / New Dawn Fades Complete Queen of the Highway
Rogue’s Route New Dawn Fades / Path of Glory Complete Blistering Love
Secret Route New Dawn Fades / Path of Glory Befriend Johnny during Chippin’ In

You won’t know what endings you have unlocked until later in this quest, however, but if you complete those rather generous objectives - complete Queen of the Highway, complete Blistering Love and befriend Johnny - you should be good to go.

Meet with Hanako Arasaka

To kick this quest off and dive past the point of no return, travel to Embers (which fortunately has its own fast travel terminal) in The Glen. Get past some Arasaka guards and ride an elevator up, where Johnny will whine, as Johnny is wont to do when Arasaka and violence aren’t involved. Once at your destination, talk to Hanako and pick what dialogue options you wish. They surprisingly don’t matter, as you’re not making a choice just yet, you’re merely hearing her terms.

Get through the conversation with Hanako (despite Johnny’s protestations) then ride the elevator down, where you’ll have another massive relic malfunction, and a chat with a rather upset Johnny. When you later wake up in Vik’s clinic, you’ll be told that you’re just about out of time. Whatever you’re going to do, you need to do it quickly. Take the medicine (and the gun) offered by Vik, then talk to Misty and follow her up to the roof. Sit down, respond to her or not, and shortly after she leaves Johnny will appear and talk about the task at hand.

All that’s left now is to make your decision.

(1 of 2) Depending on what you’ve done thus far, you’ll get as many as three choices and as few as one choice.

Depending on what you’ve done thus far, you’ll get as many as three choices and as few as one choice. (left), If you befriended Johnny and leave the game idle while on the decision screen, he’ll interrupt and offer another option. (right)

The Decision

There are five endings, but four of them actually have to be played out. When prompted by Johnny you’ll get as few as one option, or as many as three:

  • “Think trustin’ Arasaka’s risky but worth it.”: Hanako’s route
  • “Gonna ask Panam for help.”: Panam’s route
  • “Think you and Rogue should go.”: Rogue’s route

Only Hanako’s route (“Think trustin’ Arasaka’s risky but worth it.”) is guaranteed to be available by default, but if you completed Blistering Love you’ll also be able to pick Rogue route (“Think you and Rogue should go.”), and if you completed Queen of the Highway you’ll be able to select Panam’s route (“Gonna ask Panam for help.”).

If you befriended Johnny, however, you can just let the game sit idle rather than make a decision. Eventually Johnny will suggest a suicide run. You’re dying, he’s already dead, might as well go out in a blaze of glory. If you succeed, none of your friends will have had to die for you, if you fail, you were on your way out anyways. This will get you two options:

  • “Suicide run? Not interested.”
  • “Let’s hear this plan.”

Say what you will, turning Johnny down doesn’t lock you out of this option yet. Instead, you’ll get the option “All right - you an’ me storm Arasaka Tower.” added to the list of other options, should you wish to attempt Johnny’s route.

Any of these four routes will lead into another Main Job, as follows:

Ending Main Job
Hanako’s Route Last Caress
Panam’s Route We Gotta Live Together
Rogue’s Route For Whom the Bell Tolls
Secret Route (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Make your choice, then click the link to the appropriate Main Job page to continue on with the story.

Alternatively, there’s a fifth option, which you can see through without having to leave the comfort of your chair, which will be covered below under the header Cleanest, Least Bloody Route:

(1 of 2) To get the suicide ending, tell Johnny “Could also just put this all to rest.”,

To get the suicide ending, tell Johnny “Could also just put this all to rest.”, (left), then follow up by tossing your pills. (right)

Cleanest, Least Bloody Route

One ending you can witness without much effort is available immediately. When prompted by Johnny, pick any other ending option, at which point you’ll get a followup that should include the option:

“Could also just put all this to rest.”

Then follow up with:

[Toss pills] “I know. Exactly what we’re gonna do.”

This will end in, as V puts it, the “Cleanest, least bloody option.”. Johnny will talk to you for a bit, after which you’ll see the ending credits roll. There is no epilogue for this route, and while you’ll get the The World for picking this option, you won’t get any of the other ending-specific trophies/achievements.

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