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In this section we take a closer look at the character attributes in Cyberpunk 2077, including what does what and where you should be focusing your upgrades first.

Cyberpunk Reflexes Attribute

Reflexes determine your maneuverability, in addition to increasing your overall movement speed, each level in Reflexes will:

Increases your passive Evasion from enemy attacks by 1%.
Increase Crit Chance by 1%.
Increase damage from Mantis Blades by 3.

Your Reflexes attribute also determines the maximum level your Assault, Handguns and Blades skills can reach.

The skills Reflex governs includes a wide array of weapons, including blades, handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles (precision) rifles, which are far more diverse than their aforementioned categories suggest, covering a variety of fire rates and effective ranges. If you want single-shot, burst-fire or full-auto weapons, at melee, short, medium or long range, Reflexes has you covered. Many Reflexes weapons also have high headshot damage multipliers, which combines well with the improved Crit Chance offered by Reflexes itself, although this does mean Reflexes does generally require more precision… blades and submachine guns excluded, of course. This can result in incredibly high single-shot damage, and the Reflexes attribute generally has good synergy with the Cool attribute, although it is worth noting that some of the weapons governed by Reflexes can do well enough on their own even without much (if any) investment in Reflexes. A legendary Overture (revolver) with high base Crit Chance and headshot damage and an attached silencer is usually sufficient for whatever stealth-killing you need to do.

As well as the aforementioned skills, Reflexes allows you to equip a variety of cyberware, including neofiber (increases Evasion), Microrotors (melee attack speed), Heal-on-Kill (restores Health after each kill) and a variety of time-dilation cyberware. The most consequential of these time-dilating cyberware are the various Sandevistan operating systems, which slow time on command - the degree of time dilation, the duration of the effect, and the cooldown varies depending on which model you have installed. Regardless of the degree of time dilation, however, while Sandevistan is active you’ll have a huge advantage in combat. Despite the allure of some of the legendary Sandevistan cyberware, you can get excellent epic-quality Sandevistan cyberware with a lower Reflexes commitment.

The two biggest selling points of Reflexes are more competent use of the potent and diverse weaponry it governs, and the ability to equip Sandevistan operating systems. If you want to go full street samurai with a katana, dice people up with forearm-mounted mantis blades, pop people’s heads off with revolvers, assault rifles or sniper rifles, or if you want to go full “bullet time” with Sandevistan, Reflexes is a worthy consideration.


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