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Double Life

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

This quest immediately begins after Disasterpiece, transitioning from the elevator in the factory to an apartment in Kabuki. Johnny will try to get you to indulge one of his bad habits, and when he stops you’ll be free to head into the apartment.

Follow the quest trail to find Judy and say what you will. This meeting ends up the way your meetings with Judy tend to - with you trawling through braindances looking for information. Before following Judy and editing the braindances you can try to talk to Evelyn, but your efforts are ultimately futile.

(1 of 3) During the first braindance, scan a Veve hologram,

Enter Judy’s room and sit down to start the first braindance. Watch it through to the end, then switch to edit mode and rewind to the beginning of the braindance:

  • Scan the hologram (Veve markings) over the altar (visual mode).
  • Scan the fliers on the ground near Evelyn’s feet(visual mode).

Exit the braindance, talk to Judy, then fire up the second braindance. Watch it, then switch to edit move and move to the audio layer.

  • Rewind a bit and try to scan the phone (audio layer).

Judy will upload a language pack, allowing you to rewind the braindance and listen to the entire conversation again - this time with comprehension! That’s it for this braindance, all you have to do is exit out and talk to Judy again. Tell her whatever you wish about the biochip and when she leaves you’ll end up chatting with Johnny. Again, say what you will, then leave and talk to Judy one more time. Once again, your dialogue choices don’t really matter.

When you’re done talking to Judy, leave the apartment to end this quest and begin the a new Main Job in another questline: M’ap Tann Pelen. You should probably get started on this right away, as there could be some downtime after the first phase of the quest, and the sooner you get the ball rolling, the better.

(1 of 2) After "Double Life" ends you'll get a call from Claire starting "The Beast in Me",

After "Double Life" ends you'll get a call from Claire starting "The Beast in Me", (left), and a text from Sandra Dorsett starting "Full Disclosure". (right)

In addition, you should get a call from Claire (the bartender at Afterlife) who will give you the Side Job The Beast in Me and Sandra Dorsett, the corpse you rescued back in the day during The Rescue, who will give you the Side Job [Full Disclosure].

Most importantly, Judy herself will call you (this will only happen after you’ve heard back from Mr. Hands at the start of M’ap Tann Pelen), abruptly asking to meet her at her apartment. This will start the Side Job Both Sides, Now, and in the case of this and other character-specific questlines, the term “Side Job” doesn’t accurately convey how important they are to the overall outcome of V’s story. Completing character-specific questlines like Both Sides, Now and its followup quests will unlock more ending options and perhaps kindle romances. Suffice to say, you should strongly consider completing them before advancing the main story too far.

Following is a list of all of the Side Jobs in Judy’s questline:

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