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Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

This is the second Main Job in Rogue’s ending route. It’ll begin immediately after For Whom the Bell Tolls ends.

(1 of 2) Sneak around and dispatch the Soldier near Weyland,

Sneak around and dispatch the Soldier near Weyland, (left), and he'll take care of the two Rangers. (right)


The first thing you’ll do in this job is make a choice regarding Weyland:

  • [Stand] “Let’s go get him.”
  • [Stand] “He’ll manage on his own.”

The “choice” here is illusory. Rogue will go after Weyland regardless of what you pick, which will be listed as an optional objective, while your main goal is to “Find the commanding officer”.

Gameplay-wise, however, you do have a choice, which is honestly somewhat rare for these ending missions. As Rogue says, you can go in stealthy, or guns blazing, and she’ll follow your lead. In the jungle ahead you’ll find an Arasaka Ranger and a Soldier, who can easily be dispatched by sneaking up on them, and even more easily disposed of with gunfire.

When they’ve been dealt with, follow Rogue and she’ll lead you to the crashed AV, which is guarded by two more Rangers and another Soldier. Circle around and wait for the Soldier to face a waterfall, then talk him out and approach the Ranger near the AV, only for Weyland to interrupt and prove his worth.

(1 of 4) Put down the commander,

Follow your companions through the jungle to a walkway and be wary of a Ranger to the right, then follow them further to reach the commander, who is a Special Agent. He’s accompanied by another Ranger, but their patrol routes leave them both quite vulnerable. Wait for the Ranger to stroll down a walkway and take him out, then snuff the commander and loot him for his Arasaka Tower Access Token. If you get into conflict here, they’ll be joined by a squad of Robots from further up the walkway, but if you keep quiet, they won’t make an appearance. As a bonus, you can also score a legendary Yukimura off a table nearby.

With the Access Token in hand, follow the walkway to an elevator. You’ll find two Assault Specialists standing nearby, but you should be able to sneak behind him and reach the elevator unopposed. Fight or sneak your way into the elevator, then ride it down to the Atrium.

(1 of 2) In the atrium, you can either jump down to lower balconies,

In the atrium, you can either jump down to lower balconies, (left), or seek out chutes you can use to descend without exposing yourself to hostiles. (right)


Once off the elevator, follow Rogue until she directs you to jump down onto a balcony below. Look over the ledge and scan some enemies on the floor you’re jumping down to, and note that you can remain undetected if you time your jump well… which in this case basically means you don’t jump into their line of sight. If you want a more secure guarantor of your elusiveness, however, search the wall opposite of where you’re supposed to jump (opposite the quest marker) to find a hatch you can open, which leads to a chute you can jump down.

Either way, when you reach the lower level you’ll find the drone on this level joined by an Assault Specialist and a Ranger. Put them down or sneak past them to reach the next jump point, and just like the previous one, there’s a hatch on the opposite wall that leads to a chute you can drop down, instead.

Once down, be wary of a drone to the left, which is much more likely to spot you if you didn’t use the chute. Scan and tag it, along with the two Rangers also on this level, then deal with them as you wish before repeating the process; find another hatch on the far side of the level and drop down another chute, or just hop down onto the balcony at the spot indicated.

(1 of 3) On the floor with the security room, dispatch a Juggernaut,

There’s no opposition on the next floor down, so cross the level and hop down another chute. On the level below you’ll find more than enough foes to make up for the previous floor, including a Juggernaut, a Soldier, and several Rangers. Only the Juggernaut should be an immediate threat, however, so put him down and cross a bridge to reach the far side of the level, then go through some double doors, take a right, and go through another door to reach the security room. Dispose of a Soldier, use the terminal he was standing in front of to disable security and open the way to a server room, then head into said server room and jack into the server to set Alt loose upon Mikoshi.

This has deleterious consequences for any surviving Araska personnel on the level, but it’s not like you had any purer intentions in mind for them, and it’s one less problem for you to worry about. Leave the security room, drop down to the lowest floor of the atrium, then follow Rogue and Weyland to an elevator. Any enemies that remain will soon be picked off by Alt, so don’t worry about them too much.

Netrunner Operations

Ride the elevator down to “Netrunner Operations”. Disembark and round a corner to the left, go through a security checkpoint, and marvel at Alt’s handiwork. Heavy-handed, but effective… Follow Rogue and Weyland through the area, through a control room and down to the mainframe. Wait for Alt to open up a shutter gate, then head down a short hallway and open another gate, whereupon you’ll be greeted by an old foe…

(1 of 2) While he remains above 50% health, Smasher's offense largely consists of charges,

While he remains above 50% health, Smasher's offense largely consists of charges, (left), followed by a blast from his arm-gun. (right)

Boss: Adam Smasher

Push open the second gate and after a brief scene you’ll be in a suitable large arena for your fight with Adam Smasher. Adam Smasher’s routine is simple, but effective: Most of the time he’ll charge at you and attempt to swat you, then follow up with a blast from his arm-gun. You can use cover, double jump, or dodging to keep away from his charge, although the arm-gun is another matter. If he stops to fire a prolonged barrage from his arm-gun, you’ll need to get behind cover. The arm-gun does respectable damage (even with an absurdly high Armor score!) and Smasher is keen to keep firing long past the point you can be reasonably expected to endure it. It is, however, a good opportunity to pop a healing item and reload, as Smasher will fire for a while whether he can hit you or not.

Weyland will assist you during this fight. His performance early on leaves much to be desired, as Smasher will take him out using the same series of attacks he used to dispatch Johnny back in the day. Weyland will recover, eventually, and even if he’s not doing much else, he still serves as a fine distraction.

Smasher is weak to shock damage and is generally receptive to physical damage, but he’s resistant to chemical damage. Short Circuit can deal massive damage if you’re a capable Netrunner, but you should be wary that upload times against Smasher are increased and it’ll take +5 RAM to utilize quickhacks against him.

(1 of 3) Reduce Smasher's health to 50% or less,

Once Smasher’s health is reduced to 50%~ or so, Smasher will call in reinforcements, which in this case includes a Juggernaut and a Sniper who will appear on a walkway above you, and a Mech on the ground floor. Smasher himself will become more fond of rooting himself in place and spamming barrages of gun-arm fire at you, so get behind cover and work on taking out the lesser enemies before they can cause you trouble. While Smasher will still employ his gun-arm barrage, he’ll also start firing micro-missiles at you. If you see red target reticles, steer clear (this is a good time to activate Sandevistan if you have it, and get behind cover) as Smasher will either fire a massive cluster of missiles in a few quick bursts, or he’ll stand in place and fire barrages of several missiles at a time in a smaller, targeted bursts. In the former case, you just need to get clear to avoid taking too much damage, in the latter case, Smasher tends to over-commit to this attack, allowing you to circle around him and dish out some damage.

(1 of 4) Reduce Smasher's health to 25% or less

When reduced to 25%~ of his health, Smasher will again be joined by reinforcements, consisting of another Juggernaut and another Sniper. Put them down and keep the pressure up and eventually Smasher will fall. Take his Access Token, then decide Smasher’s fate. Before you continue on to Mikoshi, return to the entrance of this room and search for Rogue’s gun, the iconic pistol Pride.

Nothing left to do but continue on to Mikoshi. Say goodbye to Weyland, if you wish, then, after a tortuous journey you’ll be able to jack into an Access Point, which is functionally the end of your journey.

Decision at Mikoshi

The only major decision left to be made (we assume you can handle the walking bits by yourself) is when you’re talking to Alt and Johnny in cyberspace. Alt will give you some bad news, followed by two options: Go with Alt beyond the Blackwall and persist as a digital entity, or return to your body to enjoy what time you still have left. In the former case you’ll get the epilogue New Dawn Fades and the trophy/acheivement Temperance, while in the latter case you’ll get the epilogue Path of Glory and the trophy/achevement The Sun.

You won’t need a walkthrough for this, play through whichever epilogue you get, make what choices you want and witness the consequences of your actions.


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