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Cyberpunk 2077

Old Friends

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite Type
Vista Del Rey Street Cred Lv 1 Gun for Hire


Old Friends is a Gig (Gun for Hire) which you’ll find in Vista Del Rey, Heywood. When you near its location just north of the center of the district you’ll get a call from Padre.

(1 of 3) Climb on the roof to get a vantage, or use legendary Ping and you can take down Kaburo with quickhacks.

Neutralize Karubo Barei Sanguinario

Make your way to Karubo’s bar to update your objectives. This Gig is pretty straight-forward - you need to dispatch Karubo Barei Sanguinario, with the optional objective of doing so without raising the alarm. The first bit isn’t too hard; Karubo is in the kitchen, and you’ve a clear shot on him from the dining area. Killing him without being detected takes more work, as the bar is crawling with Valentinos.

First, scan and take all the Valentinos - and Karubo - as it’ll make disposing of Karubo much easier. If you’ve got legendary Ping, this is trivial, you can just Ping any of the Valentinos, head outside the bar, then target Karubo with a quickhack like Suicide to take him down.

Assuming you don’t have access to that, you’ve still got options:

  • Climb onto the roof and look through a skylight. Wait until you can spot Karubo and put a bullet in his brain with a silenced weapon.

  • Circle around to the back of the building to find a locked door [Technical Ability 16] which you can get through to reach the kitchen. From here it should be relatively easy to take Karubo down, either with a silenced weapon, a quickhack, or a normal takedown.

Now for some extra complication; killing Kaburo is all well and good, and doing so sneakily is even better. If you can take out Kaburo without killing him, the objective will change, as it usually does, to carrying Kaburo to a waiting vehicle. If you can’t get through the back door, this is very, very difficult, but you will earn about 50% more eddies for delivering Kaburo this way.

Once Kaburo is dealt with, return to the bar and loot around, preferably after the Valentinos have been dispatched. In the dining area are two Access Points (both found on arcade machines), while a third can be found on the roof [Intelligence 8]. You can also find a ladder you can climb down on the roof, which leads to an interior room where a Valentino keeps guard. There’s some minor loot in here, and using the ladder bypasses a [Body 12] or [Technical Ability 8] check, which you’d otherwise need to get through the door from the other side. Sadly, practical uses for this route are nil, as it doesn’t really get you any closer to Kaburo.

Finally, head to the back room (adjacent to the kitchen), which is where the door [Technical Ability 16] opens to. In here you’ll find a container which can yield this Gig’s legendary drop and a microwave which contains the fourth and final Access Point [Intelligence 8].

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