Where the Bodies hit the Floor is a Cyberpsycho Sighting you’ll encounter in Cyberpunk 2077. You’ll find it in Northside and is available after completing the Main Job, The Rescue.


Weaknesses Resistances
Shock Chemical
RAM Cost +5

Find Ellis Carter

Make your way to Northside and head just to the west of the Pershing St Fast Travel to get the call from Regina.

Neutralize Ellis Carter

As you approach the area, you’ll find Ellis with his back to you, ideal for a Takedown should your Level be high enough. Alternatively, keep your distance and use a long range weapon to score a Headshot, more effective if you have the Frozen Precision Perk from the Cold Blood tree to increase the damage of it.

Tip: Ellis is weak to Shock and thus, the Short circuit Quickhack is useful to use against him. Likewise, he has no resistances to Thermal so Overheat is useful too.

Once the battle begins, you’ll notice that not only is Ellis quick, but he can also dodge your bullets with his Cyberware. You can use this to your advantage, if you happen to have the Cyberware Malfunction Quickhack, use it to disable his implant and thus, his ability to evade your bullets. He attacks with quick melee strikes so keeping your distance should be your number one priority and a Shotgun can help to keep the damage up, stay away from Snipers other than the initial strike as you won’t have the time to get it off.

(1 of 5) Both Short Circuit and Overheat are useful if you have the deck for it

Tip: If you already have the Double Jump ability, use that to evade Ellis when he gets close, this is a lot more effective than the regular dodge.

Once Ellis is down for the count, loot the Shard near where Ellis was crouched and then send it to Regina to complete the Job.

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