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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk: Patch 2.0 Weapon Stamina System Explained

Matt Chard

With the release of the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red also added patch 2.0 which overhauls, or outright changes a lot of systems from the original game. One of these systems was the abolishment of the old stamina system, and in its place, the Weapon Stamina System was born. Read below to find out what to expect with this new system, and how it’ll affect your gameplay.

With the new stamina changes, you can run around Night City without needing to stop.

Patch 2.0 Stamina System Changes

The old stamina system was your traditional lose stamina when sprinting mechanic which would often slow you down when exploring on foot. The new Weapon Stamina System has done away with that completely. No more, will you have to stop to recover your stamina after running down the road for 2 minutes like you’re a lazy, chain-smoking chump. Now you can sprint permanently, and you’ll only stop if you perform another action while sprinting (jumping is okay).

(1 of 4) The Pistol uses a small amount of stamina per shot.

So what do we have instead you wonder? Well, now you’ll use stamina every time you fire a shot. This may sound bad at first, but you’ll barely notice it other than when using a melee weapon, or maybe a sniper. See, the amount of stamina you use per shot changes depending on the weapon you’re using. The higher rate of fire weapons such as the SMG, and Assault Rifle will use less stamina than a shotgun or sniper for example. Then you have melee weapons and pistols that will be in between.

Although it may make you think that you’ll be waiting a while every time after firing a few bullets, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, you’ll barely notice it after a couple of stamina upgrades which allows you to sprint and shoot to your heart’s content.

(1 of 3) The Sniper uses the most stamina per shot due to its low fire rate, and high damage shots.

New Stamina System Perks

In the Reflex skill tree, there are perks that can reduce your stamina cost for dashing, stamina cost reduction for firing an Assault Rifle or SMG and a reduced stamina cost for attacks with melee weapons. These are just some Perks you can get:

Technical Tree

  • Dash: -20% Stamina cost for dodging and dashing.
  • Mean Streak: +40% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy with Dash.
  • Ready, Rested, and Reloaded: -10% Stamina cost for shooting Assault Rifles and SMGs.
  • Sharpshooter (Rank 3): 7% Stamina Regen for 2 secs per stack, stacks 7 times.
  • Lead and Steal: -15% Stamina cost for attacks with Blades.
  • Slaughterhouse (Blades): +25 Stamina for all dismemberments.

Body Tree

  • Wrecking Ball (Blunt): -15% Stamina cost for attacks with Blunt weapons.
  • Quake (Blunt): -15% Stamina cost for attacks with Blunt weapons.
  • Kinetic Absorption (Blunt): Blocking an attack gives +10% Stamina.
  • DIE! DIE! DIE! (Shotguns, LMGs, HMGs): Increased Fire Rate as Stamina decreases (Max 25%).

Cool Tree

  • Creeping Death: +15% Stamina when neutralizing an enemy when undetected.
  • Shinobi Sprint: -75% Stamina cost when crouch-sprinting in combat.
  • Deadeye Rank 2 (Pistols, Revolvers, Precision, and Sniper Rifles): -25% Stamina cost for shooting.
  • Focus Rank 2 (Pistols, Revolvers, Precision, and Sniper Rifles): No Stamina cost for shooting when in Focus Mode (aim at full stamina), -40 Stamina when it ends.
  • No Sweat (Pistols, Revolvers, Precision, and Sniper Rifles): -50% Stamina cost from Focus mode when neutralizing enemies while it’s active.
  • California Reaper (Pistols, Revolvers, Precision, and Sniper Rifles): +30% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy with a ranged attack via headshot or weakspot.

(1 of 4) The Circulatory System cyberware can provide stamina effects. The blue modifiers can also provide them, although that’s not the case here.

New Stamina System Cyberware Modifiers

It’s not only perks that can improve your stamina as you can increase it via cyberware modifiers. When you upgrade a piece of cyberware, you can get up to three bonus modifiers and one of these is plus stamina regeneration. Not only that, you can also purchase/find cyberware to place in your Circulatory System which can increase stamina regeneration, decrease stamina cost for shooting, or increase your overall stamina.

New Stamina System Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep your stamina up in combat regardless of your playstyle whether that be stealth, or using specific weapons from ranged to melee. It’s not perfect, as at some point, you’ll barely recognize it exists, but it allows you to be more flexible while keeping up the pace of combat. However, the best thing is you can sprint around Night City without having to stop every few seconds.

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