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Cyberpunk 2077

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Sr. Ladrillo's Private Collection

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite Type
Vista Del Rey Street Cred Lv 13 Thievery


Sr. Ladrillo’s Private Collection is a Gig (Thievery) which you’ll find in Vista Del Rey, Heywood. When you near its location just north of the center of the district you’ll get a call from Padre, provided your Street Cred is 13+.

(1 of 4) Disable the cameras on the ground floor,

Infiltrate the Club Depths

To get access to the computer you’re supposed to steal data from, you’ll need to delve into the depths of the “Dicky Twister” establishment. Doubtlessly a classy joint, especially with the floppy phallus lights outside.

There are three ways to get inside - not including the front door - including two [Body 18] doors and a [Technical Ability 18] door. If you’re going to use any of these alternate routes, go for the elevated [Body 18] door, as it gets you right near your objective.

If you can’t get into any of the three alternate doors, the front route will have to do. Enter and talk to a cashier, who will charge you €$100 for entry, otherwise you can pass a [Technical Ability 6] check to bluff your way past.

Once inside, immediately start scanning for and disabling all the security cameras in sight. From the entrance, turn right and you’ll find a locked door [Technical Ability 9], which just allows you to get behind the cashier. Further along the wall to the right you’ll find some bathrooms, where you can find an Access Point in a vending machine.

Return back to the door via which you entered, and from there head to the far left corner of the club floor. You’ll find a room here, inside of which is a ganger and a security camera, while another ganger wanders around outside. Disable the camera through the window, then get near the door, wait for the outside ganger to be around the corner, then enter the room and hit the ganger with “Reboot Optics”, or otherwise take them out quietly. Once the ganger inside is dispatched, you should be able to takedown the ganger outside at your whim. This doesn’t get you closer to your objective, but it does allow you to jack into an Access Point [Intelligence 9] and loot a locker which can contain one of this Gig’s legendary drops.

Now, exit the room in the left corner here and note the stairs leading to the corridor beyond the main stage. With the two guards behind you incapacitated, you should be able to sneak into this corridor and go through a door to the left. Just be wary of a guard ahead - they’re standing in front of some double doors, but might still be able to spot you if you’re careless. Get through the door and you’ll find yourself in a dressing room, which isn’t terribly interesting save for another Access Point [Intelligence 13] in a laptop, and another door you can pass through to reach the bowels of this club.

(1 of 5) Disable the camera upstairs,

Reach Sr. Ladrillo’s Office

Exit the dressing room via the door opposite the one you entered and turn right to see a guard. Don’t get too eager, however, as there’s another security camera to the left. Disable it, take down the guard, then disable a second camera around the corner to the right, just to be safe.

Now, you should see some stairs beyond where the guard you just dispatched was, but there’s also a room to the right you can explore (the room to the left is a bathroom with nothing of interest in it). If you explore the room to the right you’ll find some minor loot, an Access Point [Intelligence 9] and a door to the outside. This is where you’d have started out if you were able to open the [Technical Ability 18] door outside.

Backtrack to where you dispatched the last guard and head upstairs. To your left you’ll find a camera and a guard, while ahead of you, in an office opposite the stairs, waits Saulo Capon Sanguinario. For some reason Saulo is preternaturally aware, so sneaking up on him is difficult, at best, and the window between you and him is bullet proof, while the door to the right is locked [Technical Ability 18]. This limits your options for reaching Saulo greatly.

A way we found to do this sneakily without alerting anyone was to wait for the guard to the left (tag him so you can watch his movements) to head down the hallway away from you, then head upstairs carefully and hit Saulo with “Reboot Optics”. Once done, quickly head to the left and into a control room, where you can take down another guard sitting at a desk and dump his body in a bin. Wait behind some consoles as the guard outside paces back and forth, and when he’s by the window at the end of the hall again, sneak out and dispatch him. With all that done, you should be almost in the clear - go through the door across the hallway to reach Saulo’s office, immediately stop, look up and to the right, and dispatch a camera, then take out Saulo.


With that, you’re pretty much in the clear. Use the computer in Saulo’s office to steal the data, then loot the container near the desk for a chance at a legendary drop. Getting out is relatively trivial, just head to the opposite end of the room and you’ll find two doors, a double door that leads outside (this is the upper door [Body 18] you could have used to get in - there are no checks required to exit, however) and a door to the left [Body 13] that leads to a small room with more containers which may yield legendary drops - were were able to get three legendary items in this room alone!

In any event, get what loot you can, then exit the club. On the balcony outside, jack into the Access Point, then jump down to the street. One call from Padre later and this Gig is done.

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