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Cyberpunk 2077

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Suspected Organized Crime Activity

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams


You’ll find 3 Suspected Organized Crime Activities throughout the Northside subdistrict of Watson. These Hustles deal with a group of enemies in a larger area than Assault in Progress and you’ll need to take out all of them before looting the final stash.

Suspected Organized Crime Activity #1

Before this Hustle will even appear, you’ll first need to complete the Hippocratic Oath Gig in the same location and wait (or skip time) 24 hours before this will appear in the same location. Make your way back to the south of Northside and once you reach the clinic, you’ll notice Maelstrom have moved in.

The first thing you should do is switch off the cameras at the front and then head towards the side door and use the nearby sign to distract the enemies out the front, dealing with them as they check it out. Once they’re dealt with, make your way through the side door, deactivate the camera and then use the nearby electronics to distract and deal with the rest of the enemies inside. Once the area is clear, loot the box near the side door.

(1 of 3) Approach from here

Suspected Organized Crime Activity #2

This Suspected Organized Crime Activity can be found just to the north of the Pershing St Fast Travel to the northwest of Northside. As you reach the area, take out the first Scavenger with Stealth and then head inside. There are a lot of enemies to deal with here but more importantly, there is a sniper at the far end that will spot you. If you have an upgraded Cyberdeck and useful Quickhacks, you can take him out from the top of the road leading into the camp, otherwise, expect a shootout. Once the area is clear, head inside and loot the container to complete the Hustle.

(1 of 3) Approach the area from here and deal with the guard

Suspected Organized Crime Activity #3

This Suspected Organized Crime Activity won’t be available until you complete the previous Hustle (#2). Once that’s clear, head northwest a little to begin this one. As you climb the stairs, beware of a guard at the very top, while another is on the winding stairs behind him. After taking out the initial guard, prepare Short Circuit and use it to easily deal with the Robot up ahead. There are two more of these wandering around at the bottom.

You can now carefully Stealth around and disable the cameras in the plant before carefully picking off each enemy as they patrol. Alternatively, with the most difficult enemies dealt with (in the case of the Robots), consider a shootout, there’s plenty of cover to make use of here but beware of the Sniper and the Netrunner on the towers. Once the area is clear, head over to the marked container and loot it to complete the Hustle.

(1 of 2) Beware of the two guards at the top of the stairs

Beware of the two guards at the top of the stairs (left), use Short Circuit on any Robots here. (right)

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