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Cyberpunk 2077

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The Beast in Me: Badlands

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite
Badlands Complete the Side Job“The Beast in Me: City Center


The Beast in Me: Badlands is one of the subquests of the superquest The Beast in Me. It will start after you finish The Beast in Me: City Center.

(1 of 3) Your greatest enemy in this race is the terrain - alternate between gas and idle to achieve and ideal mix of speed and control.

Finish the Race: Badlands

This subquest will start just like the last one. After finishing The Beast in Me: City Center, wait a day (again, this is a bit wonky - best to go do something else in the meantime, as skipping time 24 hours doesn’t always get you text from Claire you’re looking for) until Claire texts you. Read it, reply, then head to the marked location on the map. When you arrive, call Claire, then sit on a nearby bench to give the game time to load the race.

After the timeskip, head over to Claire, take the shard she gives you, then enter the Beast - you don’t get a choice in the vehicle this time - and wait for the race to start. This race is quite different than the City Center race, as you’ll be going off-road quite a bit, and the terrain will be one of your biggest obstacles. This includes barreling through narrow ravines, muddy, uneven ground, and worse. Naturally this constitutes a change in driving style, as you’ll probably want to intermittently hit the accelerator, keeping it deployed for an odd second or so when the path is clear and straight, then letting it go to get a feel for what’s coming up next. Control is, again, more important than speed, doubly so in this race, given the conditions you’ll be driving through.

You’ll start out on a road, and the complacency of following roads can be something of an issue, as the race will occasionally take you onto a road only to have you veer off into the badlands. Don’t let the comfortable allure of the road lull you into a mistake - follow the guide arrows and don’t drive too fast. After that you’ll head into some watery ravines, which will transition into a dust storm, which can be surprising, but honestly it just obscures the distracting, bright scenery and allows you to focus on the guide arrows.

The final stretch of the race takes you to the solar power plant, which is, in our opinion, the worst part of the race, as it reintroduces tight turns, and the solar arrays are obstacles that can and will cost you significant time and momentum if you botch a turn and veer into them. All in all, this race isn’t too bad, as the Beast is actually a pretty capable vehicle on this terrain if you drive wisely.

Place where you will, and when you finish Claire will offer to drive you back. Decline or accept as you see fit - in the latter case, consider making a sandwich while you wait for her to stop imitating a snail and traverse the three or so kilometers back to the garage. When she arrives, get out of the vehicle to end this quest. Wait for a followup text from Claire and the next job in this questline, The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo should begin.

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