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Cyberpunk 2077

Prototype in the Scraper Walkthrough: Should You Let Hasan Go?

Shane Williams

Prototype in the Scraper is one of the new gigs that’ll become available once you can fully explore Dogtown without any restrictions. This mission will lead you to a construction site and free a man named Hasan. Read below to find out how to successfully infiltrate the site.

Hasan will lead you to the schematics location.

How to Start The Prototype in the Scraper Gig in Cyberpunk 2077

Before you can start the Prototype in the Scraper Gig you’ll need to progress through the main story until you’ve started the mission Lucretia My Reflection. Here Mr. Hands will contact you and ask you to retrieve some stolen schematics, so track Prototype in the Scraper via the journal, then head over to the starting location which can be found by heading west of the Longshore Stacks Fast Travel.

Where to Find The Prototype

When you arrive, you’ll notice that there are a lot of enemies in the area so you’ll want to equip a silenced weapon and pick off as many as you can whilst undetected, then if you get spotted take cover and switch over to your assault rifle and finish off any remaining enemies before entering the scav den. Here you’ll want to take the elevator up to the headquarters and as soon as you exit the elevator there are three nearby enemies, so pick them off with a silenced weapon and head down the stairs.

(1 of 3) Clear out the enemies

You’ll now want to work your way over to the back of the room, but you’ll want to disable the turret in the center of the room and clear out the enemies first. When you get to the top of the stairs, follow the path along and go into the operating room via the double doors, then head downstairs to find a locked-up Hasan. Speak with him and you’ll discover that the prototype is planted into his head, but he knows the whereabouts of the schematic, so you’ll need to obtain a passcode in order to free him. Head back upstairs and interact with the computer, then look for Codes & Passwords in the files tab.

Should you Let Hasan Go in Prototype in the Scraper?

Return to Hasan’s Cell and input the code 2753 to unlock it, then follow him to the schematic. Collect it and interact with the nearby control panel to lower the drawbridge and walk across. You’ll now face the following choice: “OK sending the coordinates” or “Grab the implant but let Hasan go”. Giving him up to Mr. Hands which will most likely result in him dying and there’s no reward for taking the route, so we recommend that you let him go, as it’ll unlock the side job Go Your Own Way which will provide you with an Iconic Pistol.

(1 of 2) Pick up the Schematic

Pick up the Schematic (left), and then you’ll need to choose to free or give Hasan up. (right)

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