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The Beast in Me: The Big Race

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite
Charter Hill Complete the Side Job The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo


The Beast in Me: The Big Race is the final subquest in the superquest The Beast in Me. It will start after you finish The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo.

(1 of 3) The race is mostly scripted. Just keep pace with Samson and don't worry about anything else.

Race or Chase

Like with the previous qualifying races, you’ll have to exchange messages with Claire (often involving a good bit of waiting in between) before she’ll tell you to head to the location of this race. When she does, head to the marked location on the map and when you arrive, call Claire, then wait around to give the game time to load the race.

After the timeskip, head over to Claire and talk to her, then choose whether you want to use one of your vehicles or The Beast. The Beast will suffice for this race, as it’s highly scripted, but this is also the first race where you can reasonably favor speed over handling, as except for the very start and end of the race, the route has no sharp turns, no rough terrain, and a wide area to drive.

Once you begin the race it should become abundantly clear that there’s not a whole lot on the line, gameplay-wise. The race is heavily scripted and most of the enemy racers are outright incompetent. Provided you don’t spend a few minutes running headlong into a wall, you should end up trailing Samson most of the race, which is exactly what Claire wants you to do. She’ll waste time pretending to shoot at Samson, but don’t be fooled - just like this isn’t much of a race, Claire’s not really engaged in anything you could mistake for combat.

Your goal during this “race” is to simply follow Samson and wait, as at around the twenty-fifth checkpoint Samson’s vehicle will be damaged and he’ll veer off an off-ramp. This gives you a choice: follow Samson, or finish the race.

Finish the Race: The Big Race

If you decide to ignore Samson, just follow the guide arrows to the end of the race. Finishing first place net us €$4,000+, but suffice to say it doesn’t make Claire very happy. This will end both The Beast in Me: The Big Race and The Beast in Me.

(1 of 2) If you follow Samson, he'll crash shortly after leaving the race route,

If you follow Samson, he'll crash shortly after leaving the race route, (left), and your responses, past and present, will determine Samson's fate. (right)

Follow Samson

If you choose to follow Samson, you’ll forfeit the race and suitably this Side Job will end, leaving the confrontation to come to the superquest The Beast in Me. No need to swap pages, though - even if it technically occurs under the auspices of another quest, we’ll finish up this questline here, too.

Follow Samson as he drives lethargically for a short distance before eventually crashing. You’ll automatically park and exit The Beast, whereupon Claire will confront an injured Samson. A number of timed dialogues will occur, most of which only have one choice. If you want to talk Claire out of violence, make sure to respond during every timed dialogue, and finally when you get a choice (also timed) pick the option “Yeah. Let him go.”. If you did not pick the correct dialogue options at the end of The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo, if you miss a timed dialogue response, or if during the final option you pick “Do what you have to do.”, Claire will claim vengeance.

After your encounter with Samson, ride back with Claire or find your own way back. If you abandoned the race to chase Samson, Claire will give you the Mackinaw “Beast” as a reward, regardless of what happened with Samson. Far better than the €$4,000~ reward for winning the race. If you convinced Claire to spare Samson, wait a week and he’ll message you, giving you the Type-66 Cthulhu - the vehicle he drove in the last race.

In any event, this quest - and with it the whole The Beast in Me questline will end once you part ways with Claire.


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