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Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
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Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite Type
Vista Del Rey Street Cred Lv 1 Search and Recover


Jeopardy is a Gig (Search and Destroy) you’ll find in Vista Del Rey, Heywood, along the western edge of the district… so close that it might actually be in The Glen, Heywood. Either way, get close enough and Padre will call you with the details.

(1 of 2) You can gain access to the back rooms by using quickhacks to distract the guards,

You can gain access to the back rooms by using quickhacks to distract the guards, (left), then just sneak through the doors they guarded. (right)

Recover Jim Greyer’s Shard

Getting into the funeral home is easy. Getting into the morgue takes more work. Diplomacy won’t help you, as she’ll just inform you the morgue is for employees only, and Valentinos guard every door. Assuming you don’t care to just shoot up the place or dispatch all your foes with quickhacks, let’s discuss your options.

You can get the gangers out of the way by using the “Distract Enemies” quickhack on machines in the lobby, then go through the double doors by the receptionist. If you’re not able or willing to do that, further stealth options await outside. Before you leave, however, note there’s a side room you can loot [Technical 8] which contains this Gig’s potential legendary drop.

(1 of 2) Other options for getting deeper into the funeral home include forcing open a garage door,

Other options for getting deeper into the funeral home include forcing open a garage door, (left), or debilitating a guard and dropping in through a skylight. (right)

Other ways to get into the depths of the funeral home include a garage door [Body 12] and another locked door [Technical 8] along the side and back of the building. If those aren’t enough options, you can get up on the roof and use a skylight window, just be wary of a Valentino guard who patrols under the window - she can be easily dispatched via a silenced weapon, a Hidden Dragon takedown, or by using Reboot Optics on her before dropping down and performing a normal takedown. There’s also an Access Point on the roof, should that interest you.

Once you find a way in, dispatch the guard patrolling the hallway under the skylight window and disable a camera while you’re at it. To continue toward the morgue you’ll need to go down some stairs or down an elevator, but before that, jack into two Access Points (vending machines) in these back hallways, then unlock a door [Technical 8] to reach an office where you can find another Access Point in a terminal [Intelligence 8].

(1 of 2) Take down the guards in the morgue,

Take down the guards in the morgue, (left), then claim the "Daemon-infected Shard" from Jim Greyer's corpse. (right)

When you’re done up above, head down to the morgue. Stairs or elevator, it doesn’t really matter, both put you in the same hallway, just a few feet apart. Suffice to say, neither option gives you any particular advantage against the two Valentinos down here. Still, they’re not hard to take down stealthily, just take out the one to the left, first, as he’s easier to dispatch, after which the second one has no eyes on him.

When you’re the last conscious thing in the morgue, scan the bodies on the slabs to identify Jim Greyer, then recover the Daemon-infected Shard. Now all you need to do is leave the funeral home and drop the shard off at the indicated Drop Point.


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