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Cyberpunk 2077

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The Corpo-Rat

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams

After losing their lunch in a swanky corporate sink, V will get a call from their friend, Jackie. As V explains the situation in corpo-world, it becomes clear that lunch isn’t the only thing that might be lost today. Make a timed dialogue choice in response to a hapless interloper, then exit the bathroom and follow the yellow quest trail on your minimap on the top right of the screen. It’ll lead through some sterile hallways and to an elevator, and your ride up is accompanied by some corporate propaganda as well as an angry call from Jenkins - your boss.

(1 of 2) Watch Jenkins flex his muscles,

Watch Jenkins flex his muscles, (left), after which he'll instruct you to eliminate a rival. (right)

How to Complete The Corpo Rat in Cyberpunk 2077

Get off the elevator and you’ll be pestered by a man named Frank, an old acquaintance of yours, who will provide you with information about some corporate big-wigs. Continue onto Jenkins’ office, who makes a show of force before turning his attention to you. He’ll complain about his rival, Abernathy, while V brown-noses their way into having to do Jenkins’ dirty work.

Leave Jenkins’ office and you’ll be pestered by a subordinate named Carter, then by Jackie. Respond how you will, then, if you want to complete an option objective, head into your office (you can change which objective you’re tracking by pressing [Up] or [Down] on the D-Pad) and deal with another subordinate, Harry. After you’ve made a decision there, sit down at your desk, use your personal computer, navigate to “Files” and access “Report Summary: NUSA and Militech. A lot of pressure for you to read a report that was pretty inconclusive.

(1 of 2) Meet with Jackie to discuss the details of the job,

Meet with Jackie to discuss the details of the job, (left), only to get caught up in a corporate powerplay. (right)

With that taken care of, leave your office and follow the yellow quest trail down to the AV garage and board your AV, which will take you to Lizzie’s Bar for your rendezvous with Jackie. Various interruptions and distractions along the way - some voluntary, some not - include the news, your life coach, and some old-fashioned alcohol. When you land, deal with some angry basketball players, then enter the bar and find Jackie.

Share job details with Jackie and he’ll preach about the soulless exploitation involved in the corpo lifestyle. His words will shortly prove prophetic. The strong crush the weak, and anything corporations give you, they can take away just as quickly. After you’re done suffering the consequences of being caught in the powerplay between Jenkins and Abernathy, Jackie will try to cheer you up. You may have lost everything, but this also includes your fetters.

With the formation of your new partnership, the game will fast forward six months. Watch the scenes and you’ll be back in control at the start of the main job The Rescue, but before you can really start that job, Jackie will offer you an opportunity to make use of a training sim. This simulation - Practice Makes Perfect - functions as the game’s tutorial, and you’re encouraged to play through it. Pick which one you want to continue on.

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