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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Nathan Garvin
First Published: 10-04-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 26-06-2020 / 16:00 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 06:00 GMT

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Tips

Like chapter two, this chapter is a short chapter made even shorter in hard difficulty, as you can - and should - outright skip the motorcycle segment at the start. After that there's some walking around and talking before you'll finally reach the Sector 7-6 Annex, where you'll fight waves of Shinra troopers, Guard Dogs, Sweepers and, of course, Roche. After that there's quite a bit more walking and talking before you reach the end of the chapter, where you'll need to win two fights against Enigmatic Spectre and Mysterious Spectres.

Sector 7-6 Annex

Weapon:Twin Stinger
Armor:Chain Bangle
Accessory:Champion Belt
Useful Materia:Lightning + Elemental (armor), Fire + Magnify, Healing, ATB Stagger, Steadfast Block, Magic Up, HP Up

The majority of the content in this chapter will occur here, in the form of waves of enemies.

Missile Launchers are the first real nuisance in this chapter, as they deal moderate damage and you can't attack them.Use Fire + Magnify on the Guard Dogs to wipe them out.The Sweepers, while not all that powerful, are sturdy. Use summons and limits - as well as Wedge's mines - to take them out.

  • First you'll contend with waves of Security Officers, joined by the odd Grenadier, Elite Security Officer, Riot Trooper, Shock Trooper and Elite Grenadier. At some point enemy Sentry Launchers will be set against you. You can't attack them directly and their missiles can deal significant damage, so seek cover, lure your foes to you and defeat them in relative safety - Biggs will take care of the launchers as you eliminate ground troops. There's not much you can do about the launchers, but you can hasten the demise of the enemies on the ground with Fire + Magnify.

  • After the first waves are defeated, you'll have to defeat some Guard Dogs. Fortunately most of them will be chasing Wedge, allowing you to focus on them in groups. Fire + Magnify will help speed this up considerably, as will "Counterstance" and Punisher mode counterattacks.

  • Next up are two Sweepers. Not overly dangerous, their ability to respond if you roll to their side and attack them is limited. Use Thunder when you have the ATB segments to do so and lure them onto Wedge's explosives to Stagger them quickly.

  • Finally you'll have to fight Roche, which is easily the most dangerous fight in this chapter. His strategy will be discussed in more detail on the Roche - Hard Mode page. You'll obtain The Art of Swordplay Vol. IV for defeating Roche.

  • You're not quite done with the chapter yet, but there's a lot of walking and talking before you get to the last bit of combat. Follow the route the story forces you along and smash Shinra Boxes along the way to recover MP via Mako Shards.

Defeat Mysterious Spectresto leave the Enigmatic Spectre vulnerable to Stagger.Once Staggered, lay into the Enigmatic Spectre with your most powerful attacks.For defeating the Enigmatic Spectre you'll earn the *Way of the Fist Vol. V" Manuscript.

Return to the Slums

  • The next fight shouldn't take much in the way of preparation, as the enemies you'll be facing just aren't really powerful or aggressive enough to be more than a nuisance. After returning to the slums and sleeping you'll soon find yourself in the last two fights of the chapter. First you'll need to fend off some Mysterious Spectres, which should be a trivial task, after which you'll need to advance to find yourself fighting an Enigmatic Spectre and more Mysterious Spectres. Focus on defeating Mysterious Spectres, and when they fall, the Enigmatic Spectre will become "Pressured". Stagger it, then inflict damage and repeat until you're victorious. You'll obtain the Way of the Fist Vol. V Manuscript for defeating the Enigmatic Spectre.

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