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Phylakitai in the Eye

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 22

Wait for some time to pass (travel away, wait using Dawn & Dusk) until the next quest pops up. Track down this quest marker, which varies in location, as Phanos, the quest-giver, moves around. Find him and talk to him, who will tell you he’s found a way to put an end to the harassment he’s recieving from the Phylakitai. Turns out that this, like most problems, can be solved with a bit of murder, and picking off three key problem groups should be sufficient.

Head to the three overlapping search areas near the palace, deploy Senu and locate your targets. Two of them move about a bit, the most mobile of the three is the charioteer which patrols east and west along the main road running through Alexandria, followed by the soldiers patroling the canal under the Royal Palace.

Chariot on the Canopic Way

Dealing with this group of Phylakitai is easy enough, mark their location, then head down the main street running through Alexandria until you spot them. Kill the two guards (level 22) on the chariot and it’s done. The only possible complication here is if other guards happen to be nearby when you start murdering, in which case you could be in for more of a fight than intended.

Phylakitai in the Canal

Possibly the easiest of the three tasks, your trouble with this will be determined largey based on your patience. The boat manned by this patrol is one of the standard two-man vessels that are rowed about lake Mareotis, and they travel from the docks west of the Royal Palace through an underground patrol leading to the waterway west of Akra Garrison. If you simply head down to the docks west of Akra Garrison and wait for them to sail out, you can simply shoot down the target guard (level 22) to end this little problem.

Attacking the Armory

The Armory is located near the docks southwest of the Royal Palace, and fortunately there’s a helpful Armory point of interest marker to help you find the place. Make your way to the aforementioned docks and turn south to find the Armory, which consists of large, pillared buildings with open courtyards. Your goal is to eradicate the half-dozen or so foes within, including various types of guards (levels 21-22). There’s nowhere to hide aside from a wagon full of hay, but you can climb the buildings and shoot down on the guards below, or perform takedowns from above. Given the limited exposure, however, you’ll probably have to get on the ground, wait for them to become separated and turn their backs, then assassinate them as the opportunity arises. When they’re all dead, loot a chest along the southern wall to complete this area’s location objectives, too.

Reward: For completing the Armory
150 XP

After completing all three objectives, return to Phanos and tell him that the Phylakitai have been dealt with, ending this quest. You’ll earn experience, the mount Basus and Phanos’s praise.

Reward: For completing the quest “Phylakitai in the Eye”
1,500 XP


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