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Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 3

This next quest requires a bit of running, as you’ll find it on the edge of the desert west and slightly north of Hepzefa’s home, on the western end of a rock formation. Approach the quest marker and you’ll find a kid named Fenuku standing outside of a cave. Apparently him and his brother, Chenzira, wanted to peep on a hyena den, but were chased away when the hyenas returned early. Chenzira ended up in the tomb within the cave outside of which you stand, and Bayek, being the nice guy that he is, offers to find the boy.

Hold [Right] on your directional pad to summon your trusty torch, then continue into the cave and pass through a broken wall, following the linear path ahead until you reach a “T” intersection. Activate your Animus Pulse and read a letter on the ground, then turn left and smash a damaged wall to open the way deeper into the tomb. Continue through the hole you made, pass through a small room, then descend a ramp to find Chenzira standing behind an iron gate. Looks like you’ll need to go around, eh?

Backtrack to the ramp and turn left to find a passage leading uphill. Ascend until you reach level ground, then turn left and pass through a small room to reach a chamber housing a sarcophagus. Along the northern end of this room are some objects in wooden frames which are blocking passages beyond. Smash some urns in the corner between the two wood-enframed objects, then press [Triangle]/[Y] to move the western frame off to the side. The other frame needs to be pulled forward, then moved sideways, opening two ways to advance.

Go north first and enter a small chamber to the right, wherein you’ll find another letter babbling about some “Tai Miuwette”, and more importantly a red chest containing some goodies. It is not, however, a location objective.

Return back to the chamber with the sarcophagus and head through the doorway the western frame blocked, then drop down into the room where you spotted Chenzira. Approach Chenzira and endure some chatter, after which examine a slab atop some stairs, which just so happens to be your first Ancient Tablet. Examining it will earn you the trophy/achievement “Raider of the Lost Tomb” and earn you a skill point, to boot. Score

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Raider of the Lost Tomb

Complete a tomb.

Trophy icon

After examining the Ancient Table, use your Animus Pulse, then loot everything tagged by it, including the large white chest near the stairs, which is bound to have something delicious inside. Once done, continue through the cave to the west, which is largely uninteresting save the spider webs you can incinerate with your torch. Slide down a sandy slope and continue following the path ahead until you see daylight. Press [Right] on the directional pad to dismiss your torch, then crouch and slink out of the hole to be greeted by several Hyenas and a Leopard. Fortunately, the two animals aren’t friends, so with any luck you won’t be fighting too many things at once. Just be wary of getting surrounded by the Hyenas and note that the Leopard’s attacks must be dodged, not blocked and you’ll be fine.

When the animals are slain or driven off, Chenzira will crawl out, ask some questions, and the quest will end.

Reward (For completing the quest “Hideaway”)
500 XP


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