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The Taste of Her Sting

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 17

Serqet Sacrilege

Now that you’re done in Sais, the main story beckons you south to to Letopolis, but first… there’s one more outstanding quest you can take care of. Earlier when you were exploring Lake Mareotis, you came across the quest “ Taste of Her Sting “, which was a little out of your league at the time. With a Suggested Level of seventeen, however, it now fits wonderfully between the level sixteen quests you just completed, and the level eighteen quests that lie before you in Letopolis.

If the level of the quest isn’t a good enough reason for you to tackle it now, geography is also on its side, as it can be started in multiple locations, including enroute to Letopolis, near the the Sapi-Res Ruins (southeast of Nikiou Fort). You can also start it near the Shrine of Serapis (northeast of Kanopos) or near the Lost Crypt point of interest on the small island along the southern end of Lake Mareotis (southwest of Sais). It’s both an on-the-way quest, and a cleaning-up-unfinished-business quest!

It’s actually both, as you’ll soon see. Head to whichever of the aforementioned sites you prefer and search the “scene of death” there, in Bayek’s words, to start the quest, which tasks you with investigating four murder sites. Just activate your Animus Pulse and examine the marked objects at each site, as follows:

Lake Mareotis, Southern Isle

At island with the Lost Crypt point of interest in the southern end of Lake Mareotis you’ll need to examine a bloody cloth, a bloody scroll, a statue of Sekhmet, an empty sarcophagus and the sarcophagus lid.

Shrine of Serapis

Next up, the Shrine of Serapis northeast of Kanopos, just southeast of the Als Hideout point of interest, which you may have explored during the quest “ Wild Ride “. Get here by whatever means expedient, even if it means sailing across from the Kanopos Lighthouse. When you arrive, you’ll find the investigation area centered around the statue that dominates the shrine.

First let’s examine the obvious bits. Start out by searching the eastern base of the statue to find some religious graffiti, then head east to find a bloody scroll along the edge of a cliff. Once those two have been searched, it’s time to drop off the cliff to the east. Be wary of crocodiles (levels 11-12) and perhaps the odd bandit prowling around on horseback, and when those possible pests are dealt with, search the cliff face to the west to find a cave.

Use your Animus Pulse to locate the cave (or at least, a body outside the cave) and examine the body before squeezing into the cave itself. Inside you’ll find a sarcophagus, a bloody table, and a small white chest, the last of which isn’t important to the investigation, but rather is the treasure you need to find to complete the location objective.

Reward: For completing the Shrine of Serapis
300 XP

Crocodile Lair

The next investigation site is actually a new area which you haven’t had an excuse to explore before… until now. At the very southeastern corner of the Kanopos Nome region, southeast of Apollodorus’s Estate. The quickest way to get there is probably to fast travel to the fast travel point in the northern end of the Sap-Meh Nome (between Apollodorus’s Estate in the north and Mareia Port in the south) and head northeast across the river.

Here you’ll find some ruins quickly sinking into the swamp, which is now also the site of a Crocodile Lair. You know the score, kill the leader crocodile (level 14) and the lesser crocs (levels 11-12) to complete the Crocodile Lair event and remove the pests lurking in the water. Once done, head over to the ruins to trigger the Investigation Area.

On the southern side of a ruined brick pillar near some hay you’ll find a statue of Sobek. Investigate it, then turn east to find a chest. No location objective here, just a bonus bit of loot for you. Hop over the stone wall to the east to find a Prayer to Serqet note, then climb onto the nearby wall to find an exposed corpse, still mostly within its sarcophagus. For the final clue turn southwest and investigate a beached boat.

Reward: For completing the Crocodile Lair
300 XP

Sapi-Res Ruins

For the final investigation site, you’ll need to travel to the Sapi-Res Ruins, which are southwest of Nikiou Fort. Make your way to the fast travel point nearby and claim it, if you wish, then head north to reach the Sapi-Res Ruins. When you arrive, you’ll find the typical venue for this quest’s Investigation Areas; ruins slowly sinking into a swamp. Kill any hippopotami nearby, then head into the ruins until the Investigation Area picks up.

Most of the objects you need to search are in plain sight, although using an Animus Pulse will draw your attention to some below-ground elements. First things first, search some tracks near the water south of the ruins, then head north to find the lid of a sarcophagus on top of a cloth. Continue northwest to find a Prayer to Serqet scroll on top of some collapsed bricks near the water, then turn northeast to find a rather fetid pool of water that’s deeper than it initially seems.

Prepare yourself, then dive on into the pit and descend until you reach the ground, then turn southeast to find a corpse you can examine, and a variety of containers you can loot, including a chest that is this point of interest’s location objective. Investigate the corpse, grab the treasure, then surface.

Reward: For completing the Sapi-Res Ruins
300 XP

Chasing the Cult

After investigating all four sites Bayek will have enough clues to divine the location of the ne’er-do-wells behind the blasphemous murders across the land. The location just so happens to be an island east of Letopolis, in the Ka-Khem Nome, which you can reach by sailing southeast from the Sapi-Res Ruins. When you reach the island, make for the center of the isle to find a fast-travel point near some ruins.

After you sychronize with the fast travel point, deploy Senu and scan the ruins to locate a number of bandits (levels 18) patrolling the grounds. Take them down so you explore the ruins in peace, then head to the northern end of the ruins to find some stairs leading down into the subterranean depths of the ruins. Descend into the darkness, loot a variety of containers including a lucrative red chest, then use your Animus Pulse to mark some objects worthy of investigation.

Read an Offerings of Serqet note (not part of the investigation) on the table to confirm you’re in the right place, then examine some nearby sarcophagi before turning south to find a crack in the wall, through which Bayek will hear some ritualistic chanting. Summon Senu again and scan to the southeast to locate a cave, which will allow you to reach whomever - or whatever - is behind these Serqet killings.

Confronting the Scorpion

Make your way to the cave entrace Senu spotted and enter the cave, drop down a ledge and continue west until you find a cleft in the rocks you can squeeze through, stopping first to examine another mark of Serqet. Seems like the place. Slide through the crack, follow the linear passage beyond, then crouch to fit between a low opening, beyond which inhuman chanting emenates. When you reach a fork you can continue north to find the crack in the wall leading back to the ruins where you’ll find a bit of loot, otherwise continue southwest through another cleft to reach the ritual chamber.

Approach the chanting men to find the Scorpion, who quickly reveals himself to be a religious nutter, killing in hopes of learning the secrets to immortality. Bayek informs him that his killing days are over, and whatever steps he’s taken towards immortality are soon to be put to the test. A fight naturally ensues, with Bayek facing off in a small, confined chamber against three foes (level 18), the shield-bearing Scorpion and his bow-wielding minions.

When they’re dead, find the Scorpion’s corpse to confirm the kill to get what is probably the single greatest experience reward to date, then search the room. You can find numerous containers with lesser loot, a few notes spelling out exactly why the Scorpion was killing, and specifically why he was targeting priests, then loot the white chest in the center of the chamber.

Reward: For completing the quest “Taste of Her Sting”
3,750 XP

To Letopolis

Now that you’ve completed this rather lengthy quest, you should be more than ready to head to Letopolis… and given where this quest ended, you’re pretty close! Best of all, you should have acquired nearly 5,000 experience along the way, which quite probably leveled you up. In any event, you should be in a good position to head to Letopolis, just sail southwest to dock at the city.

When you arrive at Letopolis, you’ll notice two quests around town you can complete before bothering with the Scarab business, “ New Kid in Town “ (Suggested Level: 18) and “ Worker’s Lament “, the completion of which may shed light on some of the Scarab’s plans in Letopolis, and weaken his hold on the city… at least from a purely narrative point of view. If completing these quests sounds appealing to you, good news! They’re listed next in the walkthrough, otherwise skip ahead to the section “ The Scarab’s Lies “. Whichever you choose to do, however, synchronize with the fast travel point along the northeastern edge of the city… even if it is redundant due to the Letopolish fast travel point that you’ll get just for entering the city.


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