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Main Quest - The False Oracle

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 5

Plucking the Ibis

Now that you’ve gained the services of a blacksmith, upgraded your armor (and perhaps other gear!), explored a tomb and otherwise learned the ropes through the virtuous act of completing side quests, you should be familiar enough with the game to go after Medunamun, the Ibis. More importantly, your level and gear should be more suited to the task, as well.

Be sure to track the quest, then head near the Temple of Amun, at which point you’ll be prompted to send Senu flying with the goal of locating your target. Do so and use the yellow reticle of avian justice to pin-point Medunamun, after which fly around the temple grounds to get a good look at the layout, stopping to hover once in a while to mark the locations of guards. Especially be sure to spot out the alarm beacon, which is on a wooden platform just south of the large, white temple building, which itself is along the northeastern end of the temple complex.

The good news is that there should be few, if any guards on the walls themselves, making the first stage of infiltration simple - just climb one of the walls. The bad news is that there are many, many foes, and drawing attention to yourself could well result in there being more foes responding than you can handle. Also, the enemies range in level from level one to level five, and even if you’re sufficiently leveled, some of them may prove a challenge. If you want to go about this mission the conventional way, simply scale a wall and pick off marked targets in the temple ground below you whenever you find them alone. Work your way to the beacon, disable it, then opportunistically pick off guards until you find a way to reach Medunamun (level 5) himself - making your way to the roof of the white temple building and waiting for Medunamun to enter is a fine idea.

There’s an easier way to carry out this mission, however. Just wait for Medunamun to enter the aforementioned temple, then, from Hepzefa’s house head east and slightly south to find a cave leading under the temple complex itself. This cavern is on the northern end of the east-facing side of the rocky high-ground the temple complex is built upon, and the entrance is guarded by only one guard. Since the restricted zone is behind the guard, however, you can simply walk up to him and perform a takedown. Easy.

Once inside the cave, head southeast down some stairs, then ascend a second flight of stairs to the northeast to reach the interior of the temple. From here, turn southeast to find the room where Medunamun awaits. If he’s not there, enter the room, climb a pillar to get to the roof, and wait for him to return, whereupon he can be killed with a takedown from above. If he is there, a well-placed headshot from a Predator Bow should suffice. Just be wary, as he’s usually attended by a guard or two (level 5). You don’t have to worry about messy cleanup - once Medunamun has been dispatched you’ll be treated to some scenes.

Scale the walls (left) and then search for Medunamun. Wait for the opportunity to take him out from above (right) and you'll enter a cutscene.

Hunting with Papo

When you’re back in control, follow Chenzira and Khemu into the desert until you reach a pond, at which Chenzira will depart, leaving Bayek to explain the objective. You’re hunting Ibex, but not just any beast will do - you’re after the pack leader. Send Senu into the air and use her magical hawk powers to scan the area and locate your target. Don’t draw attention to yourself and wait for it to be distracted (drinking, perhaps?) and shoot it with the Hunter Bow you currently have at your disposal, then loot the Ibex.

After obtaining your objective, a new objective marker will appear. Make a bee-line to it as Bayek and Khemu chat about the Pharaoh, and the Medjay. After a while Bayek will on a whim change the objective, obliging you to turn in that direction. When you reach Halma point (your objective), Bayek will attempt to fortify Khemu with some dangerous fatherly advice, handed down through generations of Medjay. After being interrupted, head to the new objective marker, where you’ll be shown some… Greek hospitality.

Following your encounter, walk through the Temple of Amun led by Medunamun, down some stairs into the caves under the temple (perhaps the same way you traveled during the previous mission) until you reach a sealed door. Here you’ll witness some scenes explaining exactly why Bayek is on his bloody mission of vengeance. When the scenes from the past finally end, Bayek will return to Hepzefa’s and announce his intention to travel to seek out someone named Aya in Alexandria. This ends the quest “The False Oracle” and begins “May Amun Walk Beside You” .

You can stand on this pillar to kill the Ibis (left). After the scenes, Bayek will try to fight but you cannot win (right).

Reward (For completing the quest “The False Oracle”)
1,250 XP

That’ll take care of Siwa, at least as far as main quest content goes, but there’s more to do in the area, if you care to indulge in some optional content. If so, check out the “Prisoners in the Temple” and/or “Points of Interest - Siwa” sections of the guide. When you’re ready to move on, continue with “May Amun Walk Beside You” .


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