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Assassin's Creed: Origins

Main Quest - Gear Up

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 2

This quest is pretty simple, considering the rewards involved, and provides you an opportunity to learn a few more gameplay mechanics. To complete this quest you’ll need to upgrade your Breastplate, something which you can easily achieve at this stage by merely reinforcing it with some Light Leather. Where do you get Soft Leather? Well, animals, of course, and while you can run about and hunt on your own, it would be much easier to find them if you had a better vantage. Perhaps an eye in the sky? Or maybe… a bird’s eye view? No? Nothing? Oh well, no harm in trying.

Press the [Up] button on your directional pad to send Senu aloft and see the world from her vantage. While flying around as Senu you’ll be able to look around with the [Right Analog] stick, while you can steer Senu with [Left Analog]. As you fly, keep an eye out for blue circles with the Soft Leather icon in them, as this indicates an animal with the target resource. Simply aim at the beast with Senu and press [X] or [A] to tag the creature, then press [Up] again to return to controlling Bayek - now with a helpful marker pointing him to whatever you tagged with Senu.

You may also note other materials being transported by convoy which you can spot this way, possibly including Drachmas, Cedarwood, Bronze or Iron, which is a fine way to obtain a number of these resources. Convoys usually consist of a convoy leader (who possess - and will drop - the target material when slain) and two bodyguards, almost always mounted (at this point they’ll likely be on camels or on a chariot). You need merely wait for them on the road, shoot down the leader, grab his treasure, then flee or kill the two bodyguards. It’s a fine way to earn upgrade material, and if you’re diligent and persistent about hunting down these caravans, you can make significant upgrades to your Quiver and Stabilizer Glove before leaving Siwa… but that’s something to consider after you’re done with this quest.

After tagging a beast, simply locate it on your compass and head in that direction until you catch site of it. Avoid getting too close and shoot it with your Hunting Bow - one arrow should suffice to take down any Gazelle or Ibex (the most common sources of Soft Leather in the area) you may be hunting. Better yet, when you loot them you should also gain your arrow back, as well as an Animal Goods item, which can be sold to merchants for a small profit. There’s a good chance the rest of the nearby animals will flee when you take down their pal, but if you’re lucky Senu may deign to swoop down and kill one for you. Just let them run, acquire a new target, and begin the hunt anew. The only thing you need to watch out for are the odd Hyena pack and Leopard, which can be easily defeated so long as you avoid getting surrounded, and keep in mind that you need to dodge a Leopard’s attacks, as blocking will only result in you being staggered.

Senu can spot any hunting opportunities (left). Once spotted, shoot the antelope with your bow (right) and collect the Leather.

After you’ve obtained five pieces of Soft Leather, enter your character menu and go to the “Gear” page and highlight the central of three icons on the bottom right of your screen. This is the Breastplate icon, and to upgrade it you only need hold down the [X] (Playstation 4) or [A] (Xbox One) button to upgrade it. Once done, not only will you have more Health at your disposal, but you’ll have completed this quest, netting a tidy amount of XP in the process.

Reward (For completing the quest “Gear Up”)
500 XP
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