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Odor Most Foul

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 20

Caverns of Stench

Unlike the previous quest, this one’s source isn’t mobile, you need merely make your way to the static quest marker northwest of the Memphis fast travel point to find a man praying to Osiris. Apparently an… odor most foul… plagues Memphis, and somebody brave enough (and resilient to terrible odors!) is needed to confront any demons that may be the cause. At least, that’s the superstitious priest’s take, and you see, he’s much too busy praying to be of any actual use.

Take control of Senu and scan near the priests to find your objective - a cave entrance - then as Bayek head a short distance east off a ledge. When you land, turn around to find the cave, a short hole in the cliff that Bayek will have to slide under, beyond which you’ll need to head down a linear tunnel. When you reach a pit, the path will fork, and Bayek will start suffering from the stench. Some enemies (levels 20-21) who may be patrolling nearby, however, will not seem to be similarly affected.

You can leap across to the ledge to the west and squeeze through the crack to find a shrine to Sobek and multiple side-passages which lead to various high-profile places like the great temple complex and the royal palace, making these caves an ideal place to operate if you were, say, a group of conspirators working to sow chaos throughout the city, but that’s not what you’re here to worry about - you’re after that stench!

That being the case, drop to the low ground and turn north to find a well-lit passageway that shortly drops down into a room with four pillars, where, if you didn’t encounter them before, you’re sure to find some foes. Kill them, then head east up some stairs, smash a weak section of wall, then loot a large white chest beyond. Free loot! Return to the four-pillared from, from which you can continue north to find another way out of the underground complex, but it’s fairly uninteresting save for some lesser containers to loot.

To get to the bottom of this smell, head west from the four-pillared room, pass by a shrine (waste some time praying if you’re so inclined), then turn north and head downstairs to reach a small, foul-smelling chamber. Activate your Animus Pulse and investigate some offering bowls on a table, then examine a stain nearby. Follow the trail of foulness west, smash a reed barrier to reveal a broken section of wall, then crawl on through and use your Animus Pulse to highlight more search targets. Investigate a botched mummification to find out where the fault lies, then continue upstairs, turn east, and use a false tile to quickly get back to an earlier part of the tomb.


The fault doesn’t like with the method or the tools, so clearly the embalmer is at fault, and that necessitates paying a little visit to the mummification temple. Exit the tomb however you wish and make your way to the Wabet point of interest along the northern end of Memphis. When you arrive, Bayek will have words with the Head Embalmer of Memphis, who complains about his petty sufferings in recent days. Afterwards you’ll find yourself in an investigation area, so get that Animus Pulse ready!

You can talk to four people in the temple, each dealing with a different task in the process of mummificaiton, and you may even learn a thing or two while doing so! If that’s not your concern, though, expedite matters by talking to the man working with natron to the northeast, who will confirm that the natron has been a little… off, recently. After talking to him, head through a large doorway at the north, northwestern end of the temple, turn east, northeast, then north, northwest again at some stairs before finally passing through another, more humble doorway to the west, southwest. Turn northwest again to find a table, on which is the Papyrus Puzzle Scroll “ Burning Bush “.

Reward: For completing the Waheb
300 XP

Sand and Salt

Leave the room you’re in via the doorway you used to enter, turn the corner and head west, southwest until you spot a doorway leading outside to the north, northwest. Once outside, talk to the indicated man and Bayek will finally use some guile to get some information out of the well-meaning man, who points you to a warehouse on the western end of the city, just northwest of the Temple of Ptah point of interst. Make your way there and disregard Bayek’s caution, as it’s not necessary. Walk into the warehouse and you’ll catch your perpetrator, who quickly confesses, reveals his motivation, and exposes his confederates. Looks like you’re got more cleaning up to do.

Deploy Senu to discover the location of the cave entrance, then head east to reach the cave. You know, if Bayek were to just tell Pasherenptah to secure the damn caves under the city, none of this would be a problem. Anywho, follow the linear corridor until you reach a man-made chamber where several bandits (levels 20-21) are camped. There are four of them in total, although their numbers in any one location may vary due to patrols. Put them down to end this quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “Odor Most Foul”
1,500 XP

Before you leave, be sure to smash the weak wall to the south to reach a small tomb with some lootables, then head west from the bandit-occupied room to find a smaller chamber which contains a small chest.

Burning Bush

While it’s not particularly nearby, there’s no better time to finish this Papyrus Puzzle, since it’s quite nearly off the map and near no other quests or points of interest. Give the scroll a read:

If you head to the other side of the Nile in Ineb-Hedjet Nome, you can find a peak with a great view of the Nile. Take a look around, then come find me, hiding under the only tree nearby.

Go to your map and give the Ineb-Hedjet Nome a look, and note the barren mountainous land east of Pr-Hapi-n-Iwnw, on the eastern bank of the Nile. Your goal is this rocky elevation, more particularly, the highest peak. Swim over there, then climb the rocks until you have the loftiest perch, and when you’re done admiring the Nile below you, turn south to spot a tree in the distance. Descend down the rocks and head to this tree, near which is a bush, wherein your treasure is hidden.


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