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Curse of Wadjet

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 25

Snakes in a Jar

West and slightly south of the Vault of Splendors point of interest (where you should have ended the quest “ Feeding Faiyum “, if you completed it) you’ll find a man named Nanefer, screaming about some curse of Wadjet. Talk to him and he’ll babble about some inbalance between the Greeks and Egyptians, which apparently is driving the goddess to even things out. By sending snakes. To kill Greeks. One would think gods - could manage to send a clear sign of their displeasure, along with means for redressing the issue. Would certainly cut down on misinterpretations.

Whatever the case, Bayek resolves to figure out what’s going on by heading to the villa in question, which can be found in the northeastern corner of the city. Head over to the quest marker, and when you arrive Bayek will find things are indeed out of order. At the investigation area, use your Animus Pulse, then examine two corpses (man and reptile), an urn (inside of which is a cobra), and an Egyptian man cleaning up some blood.

Listen to his racist nonsense, which Bayek rejects, and he’ll mention a temple to Wadjet set up in a cave under the old temple. The old temple being dismantled by the Greeks. Use Senu to find the entrance to this cave, then head west and drop down a ledge to reach it, upon which Bayek will note the familiar-looking urns stashed around. There are two sets of three urns, each with a cobra in them, if you want to indulge in a little snake slaying.

Wadjets Burrow

When you’re done picking on animals, head east into the cave, marked on your map as the Wadjet’s Burrow point of interest. Turn a corner to the north when you must to reach a chamber filled with snake-bearing urns, where the Egyptian conspirators have been breeding snakes. Fortunately, there are also some oil pots nearby, which you can destroy and set aflame to take out the whole wretch enterprise. Do so to rid yourself of the serpentine menance, then enter the room and loot a red chest to complete the area’s location objective.

Reward: For completing Wadjet’s Burrow
300 XP

Take a gander at the northwestern side of the chamber to find a scrool near the shrine of Wadjet, which marks one of the conspirators, and also suggests that Nanefer is about to have a bad day. First, though, you need to confront this caretaker, who fortunately has decided to make things easy for you by coming to block your escape. He’s joined by two surprisingly strong, well-armed guards, but it’s nothing a few arrows to the face can’t resolve. Kill them, then confirm your kill to complete this phase of the quest.

All well and good, with their snakes destroyed and the man unleashing them dead, you’ve definitely set the Wadjet conspiracy back, but Nanefer doesn’t deserve to suffer at their hands. You’ll find him in the hills to the east, in Pannouki Hideout.

Pannouki Hideout

Make your way there, use Senu to sniff out Nanefer when you draw near. You may be happy to hear this is a normal enemy camp location. Feels like it’s been a while, eh? You know the score, kill a captain (level 26), loot a treasure, save the damsel. There are no walls and little foliage, the camp is on an open hillside, although much of it is a shelter built into the hill itself. Keep the high ground until you’re over the structure where many of the bandits lurk and use Senu to spot stragglers outside. It’s pure joy to catch some bandits waiting in ambush to the southwest, only to catch them by surprise, first.

It’s somewhat harder to sneak up on the guards inside the hillside shelter, but if you can get their attention without being fully detected, you can pounce on them all cat-like when they exit. Failing the good old front door method, scale the cliffs to the east, northeast of the shelter to find a pit leading down into the interior of the shelter, hopefully allowing you to get behind the bandits.

Kill them, then search the northeastern end of the shelter to find a white chest (the treasure you need to loot to complete the area’s location objectives) and Nanefer. Seeking peace and harmony carries a price in Egypt, it seems. Pick him up and carry him outside, traveling far enough away to be out of the hideout’s area, at which you can set him down and talk to him to finish the quest. Along with a healthy dose of experience, you’ll get the Bow of Wadjet legendary bow. It’s not a bad weapon, but it may be a few levels below you at this point.

Reward: For completing the Pannouki Hideout
400 XP
Reward: For completing the quest “Curse of Wadjet”
3,750 XP


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The year is 48 BCE, and both Rome and Ptolemaic Egypt are torn by civil wars. In the chaos caused by this political upheaval, a shadowy conspiracy seeks the mysteries buried under the sands of Egypt, not sparing any who stand in the way of their ambitions. One such aggrieved individual, Bayek, a Medjay from Siwa, now seeks revenge against this secret organization. Ultimately going back to the origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a rebirth of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, adding a vast open world, a revamped combat system and RPG elements to the prolific stealth-action series.

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