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Points of Interest - Faiyum

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 29

As large as Saqqara Nome was, Faiyum is larger, and has many, many more unresolved points of interest, despite the numerous quests there. These include two Stone Circles and a hermit location, all of which will be covered, below, as well as beast lairs, treasure hunts and small enemy camps, which will not. The as-of-yet unresolved medium-sized fort (Dionysias Caravanserai) is a rare area with higher-level foes than normal for the province. Expect soldiers here to be level 36 - 37, while the captain is level 38 and the commander is level 39. You’ll come back to this area as part of a quest later on (covered in the Unfinished Business section of the guide), so feel free to skip it for now.

Poinrs of Interest
Abandoned Fishing Village
Covert Grain Store
Dionysias Wharf
East Moeris Trireme
Eremites Hideout
Golden Horn Island
Ketket Cove Hideout
Hippopotamus Lair
Hyena Lair
Leopard Lair
Pisces Stone Circle
Ptolemy Statue
Requisitioned Dionysias House
Seas of Sobek Anchorage
Seized Oikos
Senwosret II Temple
Shi-wer Anchorage
Taweret Stone Circle
Vulture Lair
West Moeris Trireme
Wrecked Felucca

Eremites Hideout

If you’re following this guide, this should be your first hermit location. Make your way into the hills south Euhemeria, past the river, where you’ll find some ruins. Find some statues facing south and climb up them to reach a stone slab above them, on top of which you’ll find a red cloth. Walk on top of it, press [Triangle] or [Y] to rest on it, and enjoy a juicy, free ability point.

Reward: For completing the Eremites Hideout
+1 Ability Point

Pisces Stone Circle

Along the western end of Lake Moeris, in the tributary connecting the lake to the Nile, you’ll find this Stone Circle point of interest, just east and slightly north of Philadelphia, or west and slightly north of Kerke, if you prefer. This is another distinctive constellation, the series of stars which look like a triangle with a circle on one end. You’ll find it in the sky to the right of the Amun constellation, or below and to the left of Serqet.

Reward: For completing the Pisces Stone Circle
300 XP

Taweret Stone Circle

On the western coast of Lake Moeris, southwest of Soknopaiou Nesos, you’ll find this Stone Circle, between a Hippopotamus Lair and the Abandoned Fishing Village point of interest. This zig-zag-shaped constellation can be found in the sky above the Amun constellation.

Reward: For completing the Taweret Stone Circle
450 XP


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