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Main Quest - The Scarab's Sting

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 15

To Sais

To find the Scarab you’ll need to meet with Harkhuf the brewer, who has intel about this Scarab. Harkhuf can be found in Sais, a city on the northern edge of the Sapi-Res Nome, on the eastern edge of Lake Mareotis. If you completed the sidequests listed above, particularly “ Fair Trade “, you should be fairly close to Sais already. Just fast travel back to the Sau Village fast travel point and from there head east across the flooded farms to find a road, which you should follow northwest, then west. Ford a river and continue west to reach the eastern end of Sais, where you’ll find Harkhuf. During the day he’ll be outside overseeing his brewing operation (you’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see numerous, massive jars) while at night he’ll head to his home further west.

Wherever he is, talk to him and, after some inital rudeness he’ll invite you to his home, where you can speak more safely. Once inside he’ll tell you all sorts of horror stories about the Scarab’s forms of torture, after which he’ll move an urn, revealing a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and you’ll discover a well-stocked room beyond, including a gameplay relic you haven’t seen since Siwa - an Informant Table. Ignore it for now - you’ll get back to it shortly - and instead grab the letter Story of the Scarab from another table, then return back to Harkhuf and talk with him some more.

He’ll drop the names of some important individuals who have suffered at the hands of the Scarab, leading Bayek to question a child named Kawab about the location of his grandfather. According to the kid, his grandfather, Ghupa, was supposed to be returning from Camp Pyrrhos, but is overdue. Since Ghupa’s the man who directly suffered at the hands of the Scarab, you’re going to need to find him.

The Informant's Table will tell you all you need to know about the kind of man The Scarab is.

Camp Pyrrhos

Use Senu to spot the guards and mark their locations. This is a simpler fort whose objectives include killing its captain (level 17) and looting a treasure. There’s only about a half-dozen lesser guards (levels 15-16) in the confines of the fort, too, so even if things go awry, you won’t be facing insurmountable odds. There are a few good prospects for archery this time around, as the high ground around the camp is mostly confined to a watch tower, and the guards tend to be posted in pairs. Sensible enough, but it also means you’re unlikely to get away with killing one of them without being detected. On the plus side, there’s an awful lot of foliage near the gates, so if you position yourself out of sight of their fellow, a simple whistle can lure them to their doom. In fact, it’s all you really need to take out pretty much every guard in this outpost. Once the guards are dead, search inside one of the tents to claim the camp’s treasure to complete the area’s objectives.

Reward: For completing Camp Pyrrhos
300 XP

Make good use of the foliage around the camp (left) to lure your victims to you then make your way to rescue Ghupa (right).

Ghupas Intel

Now that the camp is cleared out, locate Ghupa in his cage, open it, then pick him up. How rude that he doesn’t even say thanks! Oh. Right. Ahem. Anyway, put him on your mount and ride him back to his family’s home in Sais, which is just north of the center of the city. Ghupa will pass a note along and this, along with what his wife Maharet says, points you in the direction of the Scarab. Apparently the Scarab has been operating out of Letopolis, a city further south that’s being threatened by sandstorms. Furthermore, correspondence between the Scarab and the Hyena details that the former has been luring “desperate men” to his cause. This ends the quest “ The Scarab’s Sting “ and begins “ The Scarab’s Lies “.

While you now have a lead on the Scarab drawing you south, the next quest, “ The Scarab’s Lies “ has a suggested level of eighteen. If you’ve been keeping up with sidequests, you’re probably at or above that already, but in case you’re not - or if you want to continue working on available sidequests near your level as you progress through the main story, you can now return to Harkhuf’s house and take a gander at his Informant Table, which has a number of tasks you can take on, all of which are level fifteen and sixteen. These should provide plenty of experience to boost your level up, if necessary, and it’ll give you an excuse to explore the nearby area more. These Informant Table quests will be covered below, followed by other sidequests in the Sapi-Res Nome, but if you don’t wish to bother with them and would rather continue the main story, skip ahead to “ The Scarab’s Lies “.

Reward: For completing the quest “The Scarab’s Sting”
1,500 XP


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