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Points of Interest - Siwa

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 5

Coral Escarpment Camp

Since you’re in the business of exterminating the pharaoh’s soldiers, you might as well target their last stronghold in Siwa - the Coral Escarpment Camp. You may have encountered this place during the quest “Water Rats”, but if not, it’s just north of Hepzefa’s home. This area is nearly identical to Camp Shetjeh (cleared out during the quest “Striking the Anvil” in terms of gameplay; you need to kill a captain, and loot a chest.

You should know how this works by now, summon Senu and perform a fly-by, marking the enemies as you go and particularly the captain (level 3). If you approach from the road that enters along the southeastern end of the camp you can take out the alarm brazier quite easily, as it’s atop the larger of the first two buildings to the right of the road immediately after entering the camp. Even better, the chest you need to loot is on this roof, too. Kill the guards (or at least the captain) and loot the chest to complete this point of interest.

Reward (For completing the Coral Escarpment Camp)
200 XP

Ptolemy Statue

Return to Hepzefa’s home and from there head southwest to find a Ptolemy Statue at a busy street corner. These statues of the current Pharaoh are nothing more than state propaganda, and Bayek isn’t a huge fan of the current regime, for obvious reasons. When you find one of these, smash it, and you’ll gain a reward, and since you’ve already sacked two camps and killed Medunamun, this act of petty vandalism seems relatively tame by comparison. Still, you’re doing this to get experience, and this is an easy enough way to earn some. Just mark any soldiers in the area, as they’ll take exception to your assault on the likeliness of the boy-king who pays their salary.

Reward (For destroying a Ptolemy Statue)
150 XP


Only one more thing to do in the confines of the city of Siwa itself… it’s time to return home. Not to Hepzefa’s home. Bayek’s home. You’ll find this sad structure west, southwest of Hepzefa’s home, north and slightly east of the fast travel location near Camp Shetjeh. All there is to do here to complete its location objectives is loot one chest, so find the front door, smash it down, and loot the chest in the bottom floor of Bayek’s former abode. Bayek will recover a Sickle Sword and Khemu’s Toy .

Reward (For returning Home)
150 XP

Amun Stone Circle

Time the leave the bounds of Siwa and explore the surrounding desert, where the rest of the area’s points of interest can be found. A fair march into the desert, southwest of the House of Life, you’ll find an “Align the Stars” point of interest, specifically the Amun Stone Circle location. Approach the stone circle and press [Triangle] (Playstation 4) or [Y] (Xbox One) to start the event, at which Bayek will rest until night, upon which the minigame will begin.

Each Stone Circle is a little constellation puzzle, your sole goal being to find and align the constellation at each site with its celestial counterpart. This symbol isn’t part of any larger constellation, so you don’t need to worry - the constellation you’re looking for has the same number of stars in the same formation, so just find it, rotate it to fit, and you’re good to go. Another thing to note is that some Stone Circles have pieces of Silica near them, which will come in handy much, much later. This one, for example, has one behind some rocks that surround the stone circle itself.

After Bayek is done remembering the past and staring up at the stars, the quest “Bayek’s Promise” will start, tasking you to hunt down a total of twelves such stone circles across Egypt. This will naturally require quite a bit of running around, and since some of these stone circles are in rather… inhospitable area, you’ll need to level up quite a bit, too. That naturally necessitates the segmenting of this quest, but never fear; you’ll find it detailed in various “Points of Interest” sections throughout the walkthrough. Just follow along and you’ll get them all. Or, failing that, skip to the Bayek’s Promise section of the guide, where everything is covered in one fell swoop.

Reward (For completing the Amun Stone Circle)
150 XP

Vulture Lair

Now to mop up the only other point of interest on the southern end of the Siwa area. Fast travel to the Siwa fast travel point and follow the road through the town to the southeast until you come to a fork leading down the road that’ll ultimately take you to the pyramid at which you started the game. The sacked village Bayek and Hepzefa rode through earlier is now the site of a new point of interest - a Vulture Lair. As the name implies, a pack of vultures has inhabited the area, including a stronger specimen which must be slain to complete the area’s location objective.

There are many types of these points of interest throughout the world, as you will soon see, focusing on different types of animals. In each case you only need to exterminate one specific animal… think of it as the equivalent of a captain in an enemy camp. Get Senu to scan the area, mark your target, then stalk and kill it. Vultures might not seem like willing combatants, but they will attack if riled. Once the target is killed the even will be complete, but you might as well search the ruins while you’re here, as there are a few chests worth looting, along with many lesser containers.

Reward (For completing the Vulture Lair)
150 XP

Ibex Lair

Once the Vulture Lair is complete, turn your attention to the north of the lake east of Siwa, as you’ll find two more points of interest… well, technically three, as you can also find Halma Point just east of the Temple of Amun. You’ll want to avoid Halma Point right now, however, as powerful bandits lurk there, strong enough that fighting them will remain a suicidal proposition for a good while.

The northern of the two points of interest east of Halma Point is an Ibex Lair, which is centered around a pond. Like with the Vulture Lair, your goal here is to kill one key specimen in the area. Ibexes aren’t hostile, so this is merely a matter of locating your target (courtesy of Senu) and picking it off from afar.

Reward (For completing the Ibex Lair)
150 XP

Hyena Lair

South of the Ibex Lair you’ll find a Hyena Lair point of interest, which is also centered around a watering hole, albeit a more humble one. Hyenas are far more aggressive than vultures, and there are around a dozen of them here, so simply wading into the thick of things probably isn’t a great idea. You can, however, pick them off from afar with a Predator Bow, as long as you’re willing to retreat afterwards, as nearby hyena will likely search the corpses of their fellows. If you pick your targets carefully, you shouldn’t have too many come investigate, and when broken up into smaller groups they can be killed much more easily. Either perform hit-and-run attacks, or just seek out the target hyena, pick it off from a distance, then run. If you clear the entire pack out, however, you can loot a nearby tent to score a chest and some less lucrative containers.

Reward (For completing the Hyena Lair)
150 XP


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