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The Matriarch

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 31

East of Philadelphia, at the southewestern end of the Atef-Pehu Nome, you’ll find Kerke, a city on the edge of the Nile. Travel there and head south to find some men confronting a woman named Meritmaat about some… misplaced opium. She quickly turns the tables, however, using local knowledge and a silver tongue. Talk to her and she’ll explain the situation, which boils down to another of Ptolemy’s officers abusing the local population, this time in the form of extortion and kidnapping. Naturally Bayek can’t resist the urge to offer his assistance.

Kerke Wharf

Make your way northeast to the coast of the Nile and when you reach the edge of a search area, deploy Senu to locate the kidnapped woman, who can be found in the Kerke Wharf point of interest. Head over there, mark the locations of enemy soldiers (levels 30-31) the captain (level 32) and the treasure in this enemy camp. The objectives are simple enough; kill the captain, loot the treasure, rescue the girl, but there are some snags you should be wary of.

First, the camp is small, but somewhat dense, and this situation can be worsened if you cause a commotion near the western gate, as convoys regularly travel the road there. Also, along the eastern edge of the camp is a dock where triremes can dock. You’ll need to be wary of both edges of the camp, then, and along the northern edge of camp, on a docked trireme, you’ll find an alarm brazier. The few bits of high ground (mostly relegated to watch towers) don’t provide as much cover as one would like, and again, enemy density might make it tricky to pick off stragglers. That said, there are some bushes near the tents on the southern end of camp which you can use to hide in. Just whistle at any nearby foes, using the nearby tents as cover, then hide in the bushes and strike your victim when they come close. Once the soldiers are dead, loot a red chest in one of the tents to complete the area’s location objectives.

Reward: For completing Kerke Wharf
600 XP

The camp is complete, but you have a drugged damsel in delerium to rescue! Fortunately she happens to be in the tent next to the chest, so pick her up, carry her out of the camp, set her down and talk to her. Bayek will give her some advice which applies to him, too - return to Meritmaat in Kerke and chat with her to learn about this Commander plauging the locals… a man that Meritmaat has a rather personal grudge against.

Killing is all well and good, but in order to strike you need to know where this Commander is. Head back east to the coast of the Nile and deploy Senu to locate the trireme on which the info you need can be found. Swim or sail out to the ship, kill the paltry crew of guards on board, then search the tent on deck to find a letter point north to Memphis.

Fast travel back to Memphis and head to the southern end of the city, as directed by the quest marker. Here, as Bayek suspected, you’ll find the Commander near a vessel on the edge of one of Memphis’s many canals. An easy way of dealing with the guards here is to simply dive into the canal, cling to the edge of the ship, whistle them over and kill them. If you get spotted, you can just drop into the water and float around for a bit until the soldiers lose interest. At the very least this will allow you to pick off a few foes and avoid having to fight too many foes at once.

After you kill the Commander, Bayek will uncover a startling bit of news concerning Meritmaat’s daughter. Head to a villa northwest of Reda’s caravarn (northeast of where you fought the Commander and his goons) and talk to the woman - Ipy - standing on the porch. Bayek ultimately leaves things up to the girl, and after putting himself over, this quest will end.

Reward: For completing the quest “The Matriarch”
3,750 XP


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