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Ambush in the Temple

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 6

Breach the border of the Lake Mareotis area and continue riding northeast, possibly through farmland until you hit a road, then just follow the coast north towards a town in the distance - Yamu. As you approach, Bayek should mention an old friend of his, Menehet, a priest who accordingly can be found in the Temple of Sekhmet. If you’re in need of some experience, you might as well take on this quest.

Track the quest and ride to the temple, near which you’ll find a fast travel spot and the Hypostyle Hall location. Before you get too busy with this quest, you may as well claim that fast travel point, for ease of access. Then, if you want to complete the area before actually greeting Menehet and getting down to business, you can do that, as well. Enter the temple from either the southern or western entrances and turn north, northwest to find a passage, near which Menehet stands. Walk on past him (don’t worry, he won’t bother you if you don’t actively talk to him) and enter the chamber beyond, wherein you’ll find some praying people congregating around a pool. Turn east, northeast and climb one of the brightly painted pillars to reach an upper balcony, whereupon you’ll find a piece of Papyrus on a table.

Reward (For completing Hypostyle Hall)
150 XP

Watch out for the hyena that springs to attack you (left). Keba is stuck down a well (right) so break the tunnel open for him.

Once that’s out of the way, return southeast to find Menehet standing where you last saw him and give him a good talking-to. They’ll indulge in some small talk, after which Bayek will wrangle a tour out of Menehet. Talk to him again to start the tour, where they’ll continue to discuss politics… or religion. Well, same thing at this point in time, really. After making an offering, Bayek will be ambushed, but manage to prevail and chase the attackers off. Of course, vile rogues who would attack a man in a temple need to be delivered to justice, so Bayek begins to hunt for the fugitives.

Your goal now is to find your attackers: Soris, Hasina, Nailah and Keba. Summon Senu and use the hawk’s magical see-through-walls power to locate your prey, then go round them up one at a time. Most of them are simple enough, you just need to locate Hasina, Nailah will follow you around afterwards, and Soris will sic a hyena on you, which you must put down. Brat. The final one, Keba, has got himself trapped in a well, which he can’t get out of. Just turn east and smack a reed wall to provide a means of egress, then return to Menehet, who is being accosted by an irate shopper. Simply talking to Menehet will end the quest “Ambush in the Temple” and start a follow-up quest “Ulterior Motive” .

Reward (For completing the quest “Ambush in the Temple”)
900 XP


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