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Assassin's Creed: Origins

Points of Interest - Lake Mareotis

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 8

Crafting Around Lake Mareotis

If you’ve decided to work through the Lake Mareotis points of interest, then presumably you’re also interested in gathering the resources necessary to upgrade your equipment a bit, and now that you have access to Hard Leather, you’ll find that you can upgrade some of your gear to quite a high level. Starting from the bridge along the western end of Alexandria and working your way down the coast past Yamu, you can find beasts in the water that yield Hard Leather regularly in the form of hippopotami and crocodiles.

As mentioned earlier in the quest “Hidden Tax”, these creatures, while powerful, aren’t too dangerous in the Lake Mareotis area. They can be easily killed with headshots courtesy from a Predator Bow, sometimes while standing on the shore, while others are far enough out that commandeering a ship is necessary. In addition to this you’ll need Pelts, Soft Leather, Cedarwood, Bronze, and Iron. The latter three will require you to hunt down military transports, while everything else (save Hard Leather) is best earned by harvesting creatures around the lakes in Siwa. Why fight stronger foes than you need to, right? Leopards are a fine source of Pelts, while Hyenas, Ibexes and Gazelles will provide Soft Leather. The items you can craft at the moment and their requirements are as follows:

It would take hours of farming to get the resources you needed to upgrade everything to the point at which you need Carbon Crystal to proceed, after which you’d need to either to buy more off Reda (3,000 Drachmas gets you 20 Carbon Crystals) or find them through normal play. Obviously you’re not expect to do this much work, but a few upgrades certainly won’t hurt, even if it’s just the incidental harvesting of animals as you explore.

With that out of the way, fast travel back to the Yamu fast travel point, from which the exploration of the Lake Mareotis area will begin. First the points of interest in and near the water will be covered, then the last few inland areas will be cleared.

Crocodile Lair

New beasties deserve new Lair points of events, which is just as well, as a nest of crocodiles is exactly what you need to boost your stock of Hard Leather. Speaking of which, you’ll find your first point of interest - a Crocodile Lair - southeast of the Yamu fast travel point, on a small island just off the coast. Be sure to scan the area for crocodiles (level 6), as there are quite a few of them, and they can be hard to spot in the algae-rich waters. Fortunately, there’s a crude dock nearby you can use to stand on, from which it’s a simple matter to pick off the crocs one at a time with a Predator Bow. After enough of them are killed, the target crocodile (level 8) should arrive, conspicuous for its size and correspondingly harder to kill.

Once all the crocodiles are dead, go loot their bodies. This is a fine spot to hunt crocs in the future, too, so if you’re in need of Hard Leather, be sure to return every so often. Or just quit and reload the game to respawn them. You can also search the island they laired upon to find a some lesser containers and a chest.

Reward (For completing the Crocodile Lair)
150 XP

Lost Crypt

The next point of interest should be easy enough to reach if you did the quest “ Hidden Tax“ , as it’s on the same island. If you claimed the fast travel point while there, simply fast travel back now. There are technically two things you can pursue on this island, the sidequest “Taste of Her Sting” and the point of interest “Lost Crypt”, but seeing how the former has a suggested level of seventeen, it’s best saved for later.

Lost Crypt on the other hand is just easy treasure, experience and a few scraps of Hard Leather. The entire goal is to two two treasure chests on the island, and the first is east of the ruins that dominate the center of the island, just north of the map marker. Search for a pit covered by a reed mat, climb one of the pillars nearby, then shoot the mat until it breaks, revealing a pit. Climb down the pit to find a generous chest, one of the two you’re after.

The next chest can be found on a beach to the east, southeast of the pit that contained the previous chest. Just pick your way over the rocks to reach the crocodile-infested beach, upon which somebody clearly set up camp. Kill the half-dozen or so crocs looming in the water for their Hard Leather, then use your Animus Pulse to locate the numerous lootable containers around the campsite, including the second chest you’re after, which is behind the straw shelter.

Reward (For completing the Lost Crypt)
150 XP

Sunken Desmoterion Ship

Make your way to the north of the island and search for a boat, otherwise you may be in for a bit of a swim. The next point of interest is a good ways to the north, in the middle of the lake, where you can find the Sunken Desmoterion Ship. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot see the unsettling, crimson-stained water and the debris floating around. Deploy Senu and hover over the shipwreck to locate the treasure below the water, which will expedite your search, then dive down and claim it.

Reward (For completing the Sunken Desmoterion Ship)
300 XP

South Mareotis Trireme

Now, this point of interest is a bit tricky, as it’s… well, a ship. That being the case, it’s actually moving about, so its location will understandably vary. Don’t fret, however, as it’s easy enough to catch with any ship you can nab around the lake, and the guards aboard the ship won’t actually attack you unless they catch you on the ship. All you need to do, then, is sail close to it and swim the rest of the way and climb aboard.

The goal of this location is to simply kill the captain (level 8), which you can probably achieve by performing a ledge takedown. Simply get as close to him as possible, press [Down] on the directional pad to draw his attention to the edge of the ship, and eliminate him. The rest of the soldiers (level 6-7) on board are optional, but they shouldn’t be too much trouble with the captain gone. You can also find some caged lions which you can put to use, as shooting the cages they’re in will free them. You shouldn’t expect them to perform well against the soldiers, however.

Reward (For completing the South Mareotis Trireme)
300 XP

North Mareotis Trireme

If you couldn’t guess from the name, this event is nearly identical to the South Mareotis Trireme, with one key difference: it regularly puts to port near the Lakeside Villa Outpost, allowing you to attack the ship from land, if you wish. It’s worth noting that the South Mareotis Trireme regularly stops at the Camp Shemu point of interest, which is on the edge of the Lake Mareotis area and the Sapi-Res Nome area, but not only is this out of the bounds of our current exploration, it’s also arguably more difficult to take over that trireme when it’s docked, due to the fact that you’re dealing with two events - and more enemies - at once, whereas the North Mareotis Trireme is far enough away from the Lakeside Villa Outpost that no support should be forthcoming.

With all that out of the way, the easiest way to deal with this ship is simply to wait for it to dock, and snipe the captain (level 6) from the shore. After that you can clear the rest of the ship, if you wish, but it’s unnecessary. There’s not even any lions to play with on this ship, much less treasure!

Reward (For completing the North Mareotis Trireme)
300 XP

Dead Men Tell No Tales

There’s another sailing ship in Lake Mareotis, the North Mareotis Trireme, but the enemies on board are stronger, so you probably want to avoid this point of interest for now. Instead, sail northwest to reach a small island north of Yamu, upon which you can find another fast travel point, as well as the Dead Men Tell No Tales point of interest. Synchronize at the fast travel point, then climb back down and make your way over to the end of a rocky outcropping along the northwestern end of the island, where you’ll find some crocodiles in the water - and perhaps on the end of this outcropping! Kill them, then use Senu to locate the treasure in the water nearby, the claiming of which is the location objective. Loot the crocs, then plunder the chest to enjoy an experience reward.

Reward (For completing Dead Men Tell No Tales)
150 XP

Adexios Naftis Shipwreck

If you thought the easy loot at the last shipwreck was just dandy, and you don’t mind profiting off the misfortune of others, good news! There’s another shipwreck south and slightly west of the island you’re on. Sail on down there and repeat the tactics employed at the site of the Sunken Desmoterion Ship. Stop when you see the mast of the ship sticking out of the water, deploy Senu and locate the chests, then dive down and grab them. Easy-peasy.

Reward (For completing the Adexios Naftis Shipwreck)
150 XP

Vulture Lair

You’re finally done with the points of interest in the water of Lake Mareotis - for now, anyways - so sail west and slightly south of the Adexios Naftis Shipwreck to reach the coast near the site of the Vulture Lair you passed during the quest “Birthright” . Those scavengers have lived long enough, and it’s time to put an end to it. You’ll likely find the vultures (levels 6-7) on the sand near a ruined tower, and since the target vulture (level 8) is the most aggressive critter here - and the only thing of real interest - you might as well focus your attention entirely on it. Circle around the flock until you get a clear shot of the target vulture, put an arrow in it, then walk away with a decent experience reward.

Reward (For completing the Vulture Lair)
150 XP

Serqet Stone Circle

Another animal lair lies to the north, but before you get to that, there’s a rather lengthy detour to make. Deep in the desert to the southwest you can find another Stone Circle, the Serqet Stone Circle, to be precise. Ride there, interact with the circle, and you should notice that some of your previous solutions are still up in the sky. This will prove invaluable, as the more you solve, the easier it will be to give directions to other constellations. Case in point, you’ll find the Serqet constellation match just to the left of the Divine Lion constellation, so just find the cat in the sky and move your projection left. Easy experience. When you’ve completed the circle, search near a tree to the south, southwest to find a piece of Silica .

Reward (For completing the Serqet Stone Circle)
150 XP

Hippopotamus Lair

Along the road running along Lake Mareotis north of Yamu, north of the Vulture Lair, you’ll find a Hippopotamus Lair. Hippos are not weaklings, like vultures, so you should take great care when attempting this - ranged attacks are your best friend, and if you’ve got decent weapons, two headshots should kill a hippo. Given the proximity of this lair to the road, there’s a good chance you can just wait for a patrol to happen by, in which case the soldiers will take care of the hippos for you, leaving you with little to do but loot the dead and enjoy a nice experience reward.

Reward (For completing the Hippo Lair)
150 XP

House of Sand Hideout

From the Hippopotamus Lair ride north until you find a road (well, tracks, really) leading west into the desert. You’ll want to reach this road’s destination WITHOUT actually following the road itself, as a host of mounted bandits lurk along it, and you probably don’t need to bother with a half-dozen or so bandits shooting at you, who are fully willing to chase you across half the province. Instead, stay a fair distance south of the road and ride west until you’re south of where the road forks, at which point turn north and cautiously approach the as of yet undiscovered point of interest.

Follow these roads terminate at another enemy stronghold, the House of Sand Hideout, and so long as you evaded the bandits on the road clearing out this place should prove a simple enough task. You know the score, there are two objectives: kill the captain (level 8) and loot the treasure, and dispatch as many lesser foes (levels 6-7) as necessary along the way to achieve these to complete the location objectives.

This area, though, is a bit odd in one key way… there are very few enemies here. You may, in fact, encounter as few as three of them, which makes worrying over strategy… well, seem kind of unnecessary. If you want to make a trivial task even easier, however, approach from the southern end of the hideout, as you can find a cave leading into one of the upper, interior levels of the hillside camp. This leads directly to the chest you have to loot, and there’s likely to be at least one guard skulking about. From here you should be able to safely pick your targets and eliminate them with takedowns or archery easily enough.

Reward (For completing the House of Sand Hideout)
200 XP

Anoia Cave

For this simple point of interest, all you need to do is return east to the coast (again, avoiding the road to avoid the bandits) and follow the road north until you reach the Lakeside Villa Outpost. From just south of here, ride west until you find a trail leading up into the mountains. Stay frosty, though, as you could encounter lions, hyenas and bandits back here - sometimes all three at once!

Ride up the trail until you’re close to the undiscovered point of interest, then dismount and travel the rest of the way on foot to find the cave itself, which is a small cleft in the rocks that Bayek has to squeeze through to reach the cave beyond. Fortunately, however, there’s not much else to this place, just loot the chest (the location objective) and read the note left by somebody who… ah, probably expected too much of his new “family”.

Reward (For completing Anoia Cave)
150 XP

Abandoned Temple Hideout

Get back on the trail and continue riding northwest until you hit a fork, at which continue north until you hit a second fork, at which dismount and continue north on foot until you discover the Abandoned Temple Hideout point of interest. Like the House of Sand Hideout to the south, this one is lightly guarded and has no alarm beacon, being patrolled by a handful of bandits (levels 6-7) and their captain (level 8). The area is spacious, although the cover is scarce, so with the foliage failing you, use height to your advantage, scale ruins, and perform takedowns from above or use archery to pick off foes.

When the bandits are dead, continue north and drop down a ledge on the eastern end of the ruins to find a chamber, inside of which is a large chest. Loot it to complete the second location objective (the first of which, of course, was killing the captain. With that, you’re done with this point of interest.

Reward (For completing the Abandoned Temple Hideout)
150 XP

Ptolemy Statue

Only two more things left to do before… well, frankly, there’s nothing left to do but head to Alexandria. Return south to the road and ride southeast to reach a shrine which just so happens to also double as a fast travel point. Be wary of bandits (levels 6-7) and hyenas, which may randomly visit the shrine, scale and synchronize at the fast travel point, then hop off the obelisk and make your way east, picking your way down the cliffs and continue east until you return to the road connecting Yamu and Alexandria.

If you went straight east from the fast travel point you should be just north of a fork in the road, whereat you’ll find a Ptolemy Statue. Been a while since you’ve destroyed one of these, but near Alexandria, it should be no surprise to see such state propaganda. There are no soldiers here, like there probably were in Siwa, so this is a simple - but lucrative - act of vandalism. Once the statue is smashed, you’re done in the Lake Mareotis area.

Reward (For destroying a Ptolemy Statue)
150 XP
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