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Points of Interest - Saqqara Nome

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 25

The Saqqara Nome is one of the larger geographical areas in Egypt, and one of the busier ones, too. Therefore it should be no surprise that there’s still a good bit left to do, despite the fact that a number of points of interest were cleared during quests. There are plenty of treasure hunts and beast lairs, but the two tombs - the Tomb of Djoser and the Tomb of Sneferu - are especially worth clearing out for their Silica and the Ancient Tablet that lies within them.

Poinrs of Interest
Cobra Lair
Hugros Hideout
Leopard Lair
Mryitmw High
Psammos Hideout
Ruined Temple of Mafdet
Stranded Natron Caravan
Tomb of Djoser
Tomb of Sneferu
Unfortunate Stash
Vulture Lair

Tomb of Djoser

Northeast of the town of Nitria you’ll find the Tomb of Djoser, on top of which you’ll find a fast travel point. Descend to the northern side of the step pyramid and you’ll find a passage leading into the depths of the earth. Locate the passage by finding two sphinxes between some brick walls on the northern-most edge of the ruins.

Descend a sandy slope until you reach a suspiciously well-stocked passage running east. Make your way east until you find a rack you can slide over. Do so and you’ll expose a tunnel, which descends deeper into the darkness. When you reach flat ground, continue south to slide under a ramshackle wood and stone wall to reach a dead-end tunnel where you can find some Silica on the ground.

Slide back under the wall and turn west, then continue down another slope, jump over a rock, then turn south again and descend yet another ramp. When you reach a tunnel running east, turn west to find a crack in the wall, beyond which is a chamber filled with large urns.

Turn south and move a rack out of the way to reveal a passage beyond. Leap over a stone behind the original position of the rack you just moved, turn west and loot a large red chest, then return to the previous, jar-filled chamber. Smash the jars in the northwestern corner of the jar room to find a hole near the floor, which you can slide through. Do so, then turn east to find a red chest and some Silica, then turn north to find a small white chest near an onyx bust.

Loot the room, slide back under the hole in the wall, then return back to the tunnel to the east by sliding through another crack in a wall, then make your way east to reach another chamber. Grab some Silica in the middle of the room, then smash a weak section of wall to the east to reveal a once-lavishly-decorated hallway lined with green panels. Follow the hallway east, then north and smash some urns (be wary of a cobra!) to reveal a large red chest. Loot it, then head down a short passage to the east turn north again to find a rack. Smash the urns behind it (don’t worry, you can swing through it) then push the rack back to find a white chest.

Loot the chest, then turn back south, past where the rack was, and continue south, following the hallway as it runs east, then north. When you’re going north, keep your eyes to the west to spot some breakable walls, one of which has nothing but a more sturdy wall behind it, behind another of which you’ll find some lovely linens, while behind a third resides the Ancient Tablet.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Djoser
+1 Ability Point

Leave the room with the Ancient Tablet and turn north, west and north again to find another piece of Silica. Grab it, then leave the tomb the same way you entered.

Tomb of Sneferu

The Tomb of Sneferu is north of the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu, and is the location of another artifact. Make your way to the northern end of the pyramid and climb the side to reach a hole leading into the pyramid’s interior.

Descend a ramp and penetrate the dark depths of the tomb, sliding under a hole in the wall to reach a small chamber with little apparent besides a torch you can light. Do so, then climb the wall to the south to reach a dead-end with a depression, in which you’ll find a hunk of Silica. Grab it, then return to the small torch chamber and search the wall to the west to find a secret panel you can pass through.

Continue west and slide down a slope, then head west onto some wooden platforms over some water. Stay out of the water, as there’s nothing of interest there, and instead jump to a wooden platform across the room to the west, ascend a wooden ramp, then light a torch near a doorway. Pass through the doorway - and the tunnel beyond - then drop down a pit and slide under another hole in the wall to the west, in the chamber beyond which you’ll reach this area’s first counterweight puzzle.

Light a torch to the north, then drop down a ledge to the west to reach a depressed section of the puzzle chamber, which happens to make up the majority of the area. There are two counterweight platforms, one along the eastern edge of the room, near the ledge you dropped down, and one to the west. Before you bother with the puzzle, grab some Silica off a table to the south.

As for the puzzle, climb back onto the ledge to the east and grab a roll of rope, then walk from the stone ledge onto the eastern-most platform and drop the weight. Once done, head west to find a statue encased in scaffolding you can push, which should be more than sufficient to counter Bayek’s own weight. Do so, then head to the western platform and use another pair of scaffold-enclosed statues as an elevated position from which you can leap onto the nearby platform, then climb the western wall to enter a passage.

Smash some urns blocking your way (don’t worry, no cobras) then enter the chamber beyond. To the southwest you’ll find a platform with an urn on it, while to the northwest is a platform with three rolls of rope on it. Head onto the platform with the urn, smash it, then let the weights on the other platform do their thing and raise you up so you can reach a ledge, on which you can find another chunk of Silica and a large red chest to loot.

Drop back down where the weighted platform is - now on the floor, and grab a roll of rope off it and enter a nearby chamber to the south, where you’ll find two more platforms. Joy! Us some scaffolding near the northern-most platform (the one near the door) to get atop it, then deposit your roll of rope on it. Now you need merely furnish this platform with two more rolls of rope, after which turn your attention to the southern-most platform in this room. Grab yet another piece of Silica off the ground to the west, then use some scaffolding near the platform it to reach it and climb the southern wall to reach the treasure chamber.

Take a gander at the Ancient Tablet to score your free Ability Point, loot three chests along the western end of the room (two white, one red) and nab a final piece of Silica off a stand. After gorging yourself on loot, slide under a gap near the floor along the eastern wall, continue east and slide down a ramp, jump into some water and swim east, turn south, then climb the wall to the south to escape the pyramid.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Sneferu
+1 Ability Point


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