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What's Yours is Mine

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 19

South of the Tomb of Khufu, northwest of the Great Sphinx you’ll find an abandoned camp, near which you’ll find an unconscious man. Investigate the corpse and Bayek will prove once again that he’s… not so good at this whole assassin thing. After Bayek is roused by the unconscious Greek - Corteseos - your newfound partner in victimization will complain about his missing notes. Despite the fact that nothing was actually stolen for you, Bayek doesn’t take being bonked over the head very well, and decides to track down the thieves.

Head southwest past the Tomb of Khafre to reach the smallest of the three pyramids, the Tomb of Menkaure… or rather, to reach the search area that engulfs this pyramid. Use Senu to pinpoint the location of your assailants, who seem to have taken up shelter in some of the ruins east of the Tomb of Menkaure.

Enter the ruins from the north to trigger an investigation area and use your Animus Pulse to pinpoint some clues. On the eastern end of these ruins you can find a boy named Ngozi, who is a terrible liar, while to the west you’ll find evidence of some digging - less than man-sized digging. Circle around to the southern end of the ruins to find some stones blocking a larger means of ingress, which you’ll need to carry out of the way to unblock the passage. Enter the chamber beyond to find another kid - Neema - who will blame someone named Anta for the theft, and point you to the Tomb of Menkaure.

Tomb of Menkaure

Well, there are worse things in the world than having to explore another tomb, right? If the Tomb of Khufu is any indication, at least there will likely be some treasure… and hopefully not just the crap these brats stole! Make your way west to the Tomb of Menkaure, circle around to the northern side of the pyramid, then crawl into the entrance to the tomb.

Descend a slope, pass through a few small chamber, and continue following the passage south until you’re forced to turn right (west) where the path will split. Ignore the stairs for now and continue past them, heading through a square opening in the wall and dropping down to reach a chamber with a sarcophagus in it. Loot the white chest, grab the Silica off the floor, then head down the tunnel to the west, turning left to reach another chamber when you get the chance.

In this room Bayek will come periliously close to getting brained again, but fortunately he’s learned a thing or two from past concusions. Or maybe that’s just the CTE… but in any case, he avoids the stick this time, and interrogates the kid, Apheru, who blames some bandits, who force them to steal and hold their protector, Antu, captive to ensure their compliance. It’s also where the items they stole are, so even if Bayek wasn’t a total mark for a crying kid, you’d need to go deal with these bandits.

First things first, however. Smash some urns in a cubby to the north and beware the cobra they hide. Kill the serpent, then nab the Silica on the ground, which was also hidden by the urns.

Leave the room that Apheru occupies, turn left, then ascend the stairs you neglected earlier to reach the chamber where the path split. Head over to the door that’ll take you to the passage leading out of the pyramid, but instead of going through it, look up instead to see another, elevated opening in the wall above the door. Climb up there and follow the passage beyond north until you reach an apparent dead end. At this dead end look up to see a feeble barrier of reeds blocking your way up. Simply equip a bow and shoot it to pieces, then climb on up. In the room above you’ll find some treasure pouches on the floor, a red chest a small white chest, a hunk of Silica, and the obligatory Ancient Tablet.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Menkaure
+1 Ability Point

After looting that, continue north to find a false block in the wall, which leads to a secret passage. Head on through to find yourself outside, on the northern end of the pyramid.

Adorer of Thoth Tomb

Ah, ability points… who doesn’t love free ability points? If that tomb merely whet your appetite for another tomb, you’re in luck, the bandits you’re after occupy a tomb a ways to the northwest, in the mountains along the northwestern boundary of the Giza province. Run or ride on over towards the quest marker, your target being the Adorer of Thoth Tomb point of interest.

When you approach, use Senu to scope out the area. You don’t have a search area, but you should treat this area less like a normal tomb, and more like a bandit camp, because that’s exactly what it is. Bandits (level 19) have converted the ravine leading to the tomb into a base, and while there’s only a few of them near the entrance, you don’t have many options for getting rid of them. If you can scale the cliffs flanking the ravine and slide down into the bushes behind the two guards at the entrance to the ravine, you can easily eliminate all the enemies from stealth.

Once the coast is clear, sneak west into a cavern complex until you reach a large chamber crawling with bandits. They’re relatively densely packed and there’s just enough foliage for you to hide in and perform some stealth assassinations. When the bandits in this area are smote you can continue deeper into the caves by heading east, southeast, but first climb some cliffs and scaffolding opposite of where you entered this chamber to reach high ground, upon which you’ll find a chunk of Silica. If you look out to the south you can probably spot another piece of Silica on lower ground, just up some stairs.

Claim these two bits of Silica (hopefully you’re at or near twenty chunks of Silica by now) and head down the aforementioned passage to the east, southeast, killing two more bandits and looting a glittering chest between some tents as you go.

Continue on a short distance until you find a shrine to Baba, the “bull of baboons” and son of Osiris. The notes around the statue are interesting enough if you care for lore, but for more practical gains, turn your attention to the pool of water behind the statue. Jump in the water, dive, then swim east to reach dry land beyond the submerged tunnel. Climb out of the water and scale a cliff to find a small white chest and a chunk of Silica glowing in the darkness, near a tree whose base as been surrounded with human bones. An even more grisly spectacle can be found in the darkened niche nearby, if you care to bring your torch to bear on the scene.

Return to the water and swim back west, surfacing near the Baba statue. Once back in the bandit-infested cave, continue uphill to the southwest until you reach a chamber where some barking will alert you to a caged dog… which just so happens to be Anta, the protector the children adore so much. Stupid kids. Leave the dog be for now, as there’s a puzzle to solve before you reunite the mutt with the thieving kids. Opposite of Anta’s cage you’ll spot two platforms, one on the ground, weighed down by a roll of rope, another in the air.

To progress, you’ll need to weigh the elevated platform platform down enough so that the weights on it are heavier than Bayek himself, which will allow him to leap onto the other platform without depressing it so he can access the nearby ledge. To do this, grab the roll of rope off the depressed platform, walk up some nearby stairs and stand on the elevated platform to lower it. Drop the rope on the platform, then search the area for at least two more rolls of rope and put them on the platform you just lowered. Once three rolls of rope are on the lowered platform, head up the stairs you climbed earlier, turn around and leap onto the raised platform, then walk onto the nearby ledge.

Pull out your torch to illuminate the dark passage ahead and follow it until you reach a large chamber. Walk onto a wooden platform covered in treasure and grab the Silica on the floor near a throne, then drop down into the lower part of the chamber, where you’ll find an Ancient Tablet, several medium-sized white chests, a small white chest, and another piece of Silica on a ledge above and southwest of the Ancient Tablet.

Reward: For completing the Adorer of Thoth Tomb
+1 Ability Point

Made Whole Again

Continue down a passage to the northeast to find yourself on a ledge overlooking the bandit-infested chamber you were in earlier. Drop down, return down the tunnel past the Baba shrine, smash the cage to free Anta, then lead the dog out of the tomb. Once outside, follow the mutt a short distance to find the kids who couldn’t keep their curiosity in check. You rescued Anta and appeased the children, but there’s still no sign of Corteseos’s notes, a discrepency the children will soon explain. You may have sacked the bandit camp, but the leader of the bandits is still on the prowl near the Tomb of Khufu. He may possess the notes you seek.

Return east to the Tomb of Khufu, or at least near enough to it that you encounter a search area, at which make use of Senu and locate this bandit horseman. Once done, ride over to him, kill him, confirm the kill and reclaim the stolen Geographer’s Notes . Finally, after all that trouble you need merely return to Corteseos and give him the notes to end the quest… and a happy ending, at that. The kids and Corteseos will head off together to Memphis, which, coincidentally, is your next destination, as well.

Reward: For completing the quest “What’s Yours is Mine”
3,500 XP


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