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Absolute Power

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 36

The start of this quest overlaps with the next phase of “ The Final Weighing “ in as much as you need to find Diocles, the man Praxilla told you to contact in Cyrene. Track the quest “ The Final Weighing “, travel to the search area in Cyrene, then use Senu to find Diocles. You’ll find him in the same plaza where you met Sminthos, and when you talk to him you’ll witness him hearing a farmer’s complaints about a man named Leander. He assumes you’re here on similar business, but flashing the ring Praxilla gave you will inform him of the true nature of your business. He’s fairly straight-forward about giving you the information you seek, and this will update the quest “ The Final Weighing “, but more to the task at hand, Diocles will ask for your help with some business around Cyrene. You can now talk to him again to start the quest “ Absolute Power “.

Talk to Diocles and he'll request your help in dealing with a magistrate named Leander (left). Recover his drunken friend Simonides, who has info on intel you need (right).

Talk to Diocles and he’ll complain about the magistrate, who has ties to Flavius. A man named Simonides could help, but his overly familiar relationship with alcohol has left him less than ideally fit for the task. After talking with Diocles head south to find the tavern where Simonides was consuming his favorite vice to find him lying on the ground. Talk to him and he’ll blame his condition on some poison, although nothing is inconsistent with simple over-indulgence. Pick him up and carry him to Diocles’ house, where he’ll confirm he found incriminating evidence against Leander as his villa, but he was unable to acquire it. Looks like Bayek will have to finish what Simonides started.

Kill the soldiers at Leander's Villa (left), then search the estate to find the intel Simonides told you about (right).

Leanders Villa

Loot a nearby table to find a small white chest, then leave Dimodes’ house and indeed Cyrene itself and make your way east over the hills to reach Leander’s Villa. Synchronize with the fast travel point on the northwestern edge of the villa, then use Senu to locate the evidence you’re after, the treasure you’ll need to pillage to complete this area’s location objectives, and the guards who protect it all.

The guards shouldn’t be hard to dispatch for a variety of reasons; there are no exceptional specimens, none of them patrol the roof of the villa, and there is plentiful foliage to hide in. Sneak in, jump on your foes from above, or lure them to their flowery doom. Once the way is clear, make your way into the second floor of the villa’s eastern wing, where you’ll find the evidence you seek on a desk, near which is a white chest, while a red chest can be found near the balcony doorway to the south.

Reward: For completing Leander’s Villa
450 XP

After you’re done at Leander’s Villa, return to Cyrene and meet up with Diocles, who can be found at the Apollonion of Cyrene. When you arrive you’ll find that you’re not the only one seeking out Diocles, albeit for completely different reasons. Kill Leander and his soldiers, then talk to Diocles to complete this quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “Absolute Power”
4,500 XP


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