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Worker's Lament

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 18

A Well of Trouble

One quest in Letopolis down, one to go. To start this one, head southeast of the Letopolis fast travel point and interact with a table to encounter Chief Nito - the overseer of various works in Letopolis. The only complication is the fact that she’s… well, heavily pregnant, and since there’s no maternity leave in the ancient world, Bayek decides to help her out by checking on some working digging a well under her supervision.

Deploy Senu to locat the well, which is south of Nito’s “office”, then head down there to find a man in the well, shouting to his co-workers at the bottom of the well. Seems like you’re right on time! Jump down into the well and talk to the man, who tells you what exactly went wrong. Digging isn’t necessarily a Medjay’s forte, but then again, half the things Bayek does during sidequests he has no business being involved in.

Head down the nearby passage, break through a reed wall and speak to an injured man. His wounds are superficial, but his brother lies further in the tunnel and may be in more dire straights, especially what with hissing noises and all. First things first, save who you can. Pick up the injured man - Ipuy - and carry him out to daylight. After they’re done chatting, return to the passage and continue until you encounter a second reed barrier in need of some slashing. Cut your way through and move cautiously, as two cobras await the unwary in the tunnel beyond. Kill them and continue east to reach a larger chamber, where you’ll find the missing brother.

Talk to him and he’ll run off, leaving you to explore the chamber they unearthed in peace. Examine some scrolls lying around, especially one - “A History of the Keepers of the Old Library” - on a stone altar to the northeast to start the quest “ The Old Library “. Of particular note is the fact that this scroll mentions a “Sword of Ptah”, as well as a location, the “house of Serqet”. Divine swords, while improbable, are still worth investigating, no?

Reward: For completing the quest “Worker’s Lament”
1,500 XP

Temple of Horus

Sword hunting can wait for a moment, however, as this quest should be resolved, first. To complete it, simply return to Nito and tell her the news, for which she’ll thank you. Simple enough, this quest. Before you run off, however, there’s one last thing you should do. Head southeast into the Temple of Horus and grab the Papyrus Puzzle Scroll “Sea of Sand”. This completes the location objective for the Temple of Horus.

Reward: For completing the Temple of Horus
300 XP

Sea of Sand

Normally there wouldn’t be strong impetus to run off and finish a Papyrus Puzzle immediately after recovering it, but… well, take a gander at this one:

In South East of Iment Nome lies a broken ship. Pass time till morning, an X will mark my hiding spot.

You should have a fast travel point right to the broken ship the puzzle mentions, so why not travel there quickly, use Dusk & Dawn to pass the time until morning, then ascend to the top of the fast travel point and look west to spot the shadow cast by the ship’s mast. This is the “X” the Papyrus Puzzle refers to. Perform a leap of faith to get to the ground, then run west to the otherwise non-descript dune to claim your treasure. Note that depending on how long it takes you to climb up, jump down, and run over to the spot marked by the shadow, it may be a little off by the time you get there. Search the sands carefully and you should find it, or just wait twice for the next dawn to get a clearer view.

Dead End

Not enough easy legendary loot for you, you say? Good news! There’s another Papyrus Puzzle you can solve in Letopolis, and since you need to head back there anyways, you might as well. You should have obtained this puzzle, “Dead End” at the Zephyros Stables back up near Kanopos, after the quest “ Wild Ride “. It reads:

In Sapi-Res Nome, north of Letopolis Temple, you can find me in the farmland. I lay where man’s creation brings the Nile’s water to desert sand.

This one, despite seeming pretty detailed, can be somewhat tricky for the simple fact that there’s a bit of farmland, and more than one irrigation system to search. More importantly, you’re looking for the end of such a system - where it breaks down and ends in “desert sand”. When you’re back in Letopolis, head northeast to the coast and follow the coast northwest past the docks until you reach farmland.

Stop at the first irrigation canal you find, which consists of a stone channel holding yellow, brackish water, along which runs a wooden platform. You need to follow an irrigation canal, but not this particular one. Leap over it and continue following the coast northwest until you find a second irrigation canal, which you should also bypass. Continue northwest until you find a third irrigation canal, at which turn southwest and follow the stone canal - or rather, the wooden walkway that runs alongside it - as it heads inland. After going up two ramps the wooden walkway will terminate at another section of irrigation ditch. Jump into the foul water and follow the canal northwest until it abruptly ends at the desert sands… which is where you’ll find your treasure.


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