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The Jaws of Sobek

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 29

Primitive Crocodile Purses

To start this quest, head to the southeastern most island and search the house where this quest market is located to find an illegal tannery, processing the very animals after which the city is named. Drop down into the tannery, activate your Animus Pulse, and examine the highlighted objects. These include one of the strung-up crocodiles, a poor-quality mummy on a table, and more mummies on the floor, then finally examine a box of treasure in the corner. This will trigger Bayek to piece together the conspiracy, during which Bayek resolves to stop this blasphemy.

Climb out of the tannery and head north to find the docks, near which you’ll find a priest named Padiaset protesting the murder of the gods to two uncaring soldiers. Kill his captors - two tower-shield and axe armed brutes - then free and talk to Padiaset, who will point you in the direction of a trireme, which may contain the answers you seek.

Make your way west through Krokodilopolis to reach the edge of a search area, at which deploy Senu and locate the ship you’re after. Its location can vary quite a bit, of course, but once you’ve located it, commandeer a ship from the docks on the western edge of the city and sail over to it. Just make sure it’s not docked at the Trireme Stranding Camp, which is on the coast west of Krokodilopolis, technically part of the Uab Nome, otherwise you could be in for more of a fight than you bargained for.

Kill the handful of guards on board (as usual, most can be eliminated with ledge takedowns performed by clinging to the side of the vessel) then search a desk in the tent on deck to find some instructions, which point you to… the Trireme Stranding Camp.

Trireme Stranding Camp

Well, it’s not all bad that you had to come here after taking out the trireme with the intel on it, at least you don’t have to deal with an extra ship full of soldiers, right? That is, unless another ship comes to dock while you’re here… but enough pessimism. This is, on paper, your standard enemy camp, filled with soldiers (levels 29-30) and led by a captain (level 31), with one treasure to nab to complete the location objectives.

There are more soldiers here than at many other smaller camps, and their types are fairly varied. That said, you’ve got plenty of tools to deal with them. You can climb the cliffs to the west of camp and use them as a perch from which to fire down on foes below, or you can employ the masts of two permanently docked triremes for the same purpose. Once you’ve picked off stragglers, there are plenty of bushes to hide in, including some around the captain’s tent, outside of which is the alarm brazier. The brazier isn’t in a helpful place in this camp, as given its location, if you can rig it, you’ve probably killed enough enemies to complete the errand you’re here for and the area’s location objectives.

Once the camp is clared (or cleared enough, in any case), enter the tent and read another piece of correspondance from Sehetep, exposing him as the ringleader of this sacrilege… which shouldn’t be the least bit surprising if you completed the quest “ Sobek’s Tears “. This ends the quest “ The Jaws of Sobek “ and begins “ Bad Faith “. Also be sure to loot the large red chest in the tent to complete the area’s location objectives.

Reward: For completing the Trireme Stranding Camp
600 XP
Reward: For completing the quest “The Jaws of Sobek”
3,750 XP


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