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Predator to Prey

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 31

Huntress Cave

To start this quest you must first complete the quest “ Reunion “, after which Tahira will ask Bayek to come meet her back at her camp. This camp can be found south of the ruined temple you led the crocodile to at the end of “ Reunion “, at the southwestern corner of Herakleion Nome. Follow the quest marker and pay Tahira a visit, but before you talk to her loot the red chest in her cave to complete the Huntress Cave point of interest.

Reward: For completing the Huntress Cave
450 XP

Talk to Tahira and she’ll insist that there are still groups of Roman hunters decimating the wild life nearby, and thus Sobek still commands her to act - and hence, you to act, as well. Might as well strike while the Romans are divided on their separate hunting missions, where each group can be overwhelmed and annihilated.

Desher Bluff

Follow Tahira and she’ll lead you to an island to the east, where the first group of Roman hunters awaits. Tahira follow the standard rule of NPCs in this game - she’s more trouble than she’s worth, and she’ll complicate stealth, but if you’re careful and don’t get detected, you can still attempt to pick off enemies sneakily. Also, while you’re here, you may as well search for the treasure located nearby, since grabbing it should in no way complicate matters with the Romans. Use Senu to spot the treasure and mark your Roman prey, then claim the former and kill the latter. There’s enough foliage in the swamps the Romans hunt in to make exterminating them all a trivial task.

Reward: For completing Desher Bluff
450 XP

After the Romans are smote Tahira will lead Bayek northwest to the ruined temple of Sobek where crocodiles now dwell. Romans have come here, too, hunting those dangerous reptiles and threatening to undo the work you just did in the previous quest. The foliage cover here isn’t as convenient as it was near the previous hunting party - especially around three stragglers north of the temple - but it still shouldn’t be difficult to sneakily exterminate most, if not all of the Romans.

Hippopotamus Lair

Exterminate the Romans near the temple and Tahira will lead you on to a final location, a Hippopotamus Lair northeast of the temple. This hunter party could be the easiest or most difficult, depending entirely upon the competence of the hippos nearby. If the hippos distract or kill some of the Romans, it’ll be easy enough to pick off the survivors. If not, there’s less cover here than near any of the other hunting parties. Kill the Romans, and if they didn’t kill the target hippo here, kill that beast, too, to finish the area off. If they did kill it, wait around a moment and you should get credit for it.

Reward: For completing the Hippopotamus Lair
450 XP

Once that’s done, talk to Tahira and she’ll thank you for your help, completing this quest. In addition to experience, you’ll be rewarded with the Alchemist’s Dream hunter bow.

Reward: For completing the quest “Predator to Prey”
3,000 XP, Alchemist’s Dream


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