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List of Trophies and Achievements (2)

Nathan Garvin
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I'm A Legend

Be equipped with only Legendary equipment.

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To earn this trophy/achievement you’ll need to acquire several different types of legendary equipement, including two bows, two melee weapons, an outfit, a mount, and a shield. The level of the item doesn’t matter, just as long as it has a pretty gold background, it counts. You will need to unlock the “Weapon Bearer” and “Bow Bearer” abilities to earn this trophy/achievement.

The melee weapons, bows and shield are relatively easy to obtain, as you can obtain them reasonably easily through a variety of methods:

  • Captains and Commanders at enemy camps have a chance to drop legendary items.
  • Each Phylakes will drop a legendary item.
  • Certain quests have guaranteed legendary item drops, including weapons, shields and outfits.
  • Solving Papyrus Puzzle scrolls - the treasure mentioned in each one has a high chance of being a legendary item.
  • You can buy Heka Chests with Helix Credits, in-game Drachmas, or by completing Reda’s daily quest. Heka Chests have a good chance to contain a legendary weapons. The latter option, especially, is a slow but steady way to gaining legendary items.
  • If you have the season pass, you’ll be able to redeem several legendary sets at will. These sets generally include an outfit, a mount, a weapon and a shield.
  • You caa buy every type of legendary item (weapons, mounts, outfits, shields) directly with Helix Credits.
  • You can redeem legendary weapons and outfits from the Ubisoft Club. These are purchasable with either Uplay Units or by completing specific in-game challenges, many of which parallel trophy/achievement progress.
    Simply put, there are many good ways to earn everything in-game without spending a dime of your precious real-worl money… save mounts. There is a legendary mount you can earn by being victorious in all the hippodrome tournaments, but this is far more trouble and bother than you really need to go through for this trophy/achievement. Instead of that, look in the Tools tree abilt the Abilities menu to find the “Backstore” ability. Purchase it, then visit stables until you find one selling a legendary mount - there are a variety of them, depending on where you visit, but you should expect to drop around 5,000 drachmas on one. If you want to avoid spending the Ability Points and drachmas, upload your save to online storage, get your mount, then restore your backed-up save.

Obtaining a legendary mount through normal gameplay can be tricky, but with the "Backstore" ability you can buy legendary mounts from a stable (left). In general, though, expect it to take quite a while to get enough legendary equipment to fill up every slot (right).

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I'm Done Learning

Activate a Master ability.

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Earn this trophy/achievement by purchasing at least one rank of any of the three “Master” abilities at the end of each tree: “Master Hunter”, “Master Warrior” and “Master Seer”. This can be accomplished relatively quickly, if you bee-line right to one of the aforementioned abilities. In the Hunter Tree, especially, you can buy a rank of “Master Hunter” by picking up “Headshot XP”, “Hunter’s Instinct” and “Bow Fury”. Generally, though, you’re better off waiting, playing the game normally, and if you have a surplus of Ability Points, upload your save to online storage, get the trophy/achievement, then restore your previous save.

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Witness raining bugs in the desert.

Trophy icon

This one is a bit tricky, and requires either luck, or failing that, patience. As Bayek travels into Egypt’s more inhospitable locations, he’ll find himself at the mercy of the elements, namely heat exhaustion and dehydration. In the desert, where these elements reign supreme, Bayek may find himself suffering from… visions. Your goal is to expose yourself to these elements until Bayek sees the correct vision, this case case, a rain of beetles.

An easy way to do this early is to head into the Great Sand Sea area south of Siwa. Don’t fear the level listed on the map - aside from some bandits (whose level are around the same as those found in Siwa) there’s little danger here. You don’t have to worry about the actual elements, either. Bayek won’t get harmed by exposure. What you do have to worry about, however, is the game wasting your time, as the events that take place in the desert are random, and the one you’re looking for seems rather rare. When Bayek witnesses a vision, the camera will pan, a tune will play, and if you get close you’ll hear disembodied whispering. You must be far enough into the desert to see these, and it must be during the day, so you may get the chance to exercise your “Dawn & Dusk” ability while you’re out here. Once those conditions are met, you need merely stand around and witness the strangeness, but you can run or ride around as well, if you wish. Some of the events you may see can be found below:

  • A rather out-of-place blue flower, red flower, or purple flower between the two red and blue flowers appears in the midst of the desert.
  • A very out-of-place fish can be found flopping around on the sand.
  • An oasis will appear, only to vanish when you get close.
  • A wandering appiration will walk towards you. This ghostly figure’s appearance is random.
  • A man will appear and draw some images into the sand.
  • A burning bush will appear in the distance.
  • Meteors will streak across the sky.
  • A swarm of locusts will appear (not the bug rain you’re looking for).
  • Black clouds will appear in the air, and it will rain scarabs (this is the trophy event).
Trophy/Achievement Icon

For Those About to Die

Complete all arena events in the Krokodilopolis Arena.

Trophy icon

Any time after completing the quest “The Crocodile” you can return to the Krokodilopolis arena and compete there for drachmas and glory. There are two tiers you can challenge, The Brothers and The Slaver, both of which include three rounds of combat against normal foes (The Brothers I-III, The Slaver I-III) culminating in a fight with the foe(s) the tier is named after (Boss - The Brothers, Boss - The Slaver). Complete these eight rounds of combat and you’ll get your trophy/achievement.

Note that there are three waves of enemies in each lower round, but after clearing a stage, you’ll be able to take a break. These fights aren’t very difficulty even in Normal mode, since you can out-level your foes by a significant margin (they cap out at around level thirty for these two tiers) but keep in mind that you do not get to pick your weapons. For all the battles in The Brothers tier you’ll have a Regular Sword and Shield, while in The Slaver tier you’ll be forced to make do with a Heavy Blade. You will not be able to use bows or tools in either tier.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Finish arena boss with an Overpower Attack.

Trophy icon

To earn this trophy, you must defeat any arena boss (either of The Brothers, The Slaver, etc.) with an Overpower attack. This is incredibly easy, just whittle such a foe down and use your Overpower when they’re nearly dead. If you fail, you can just re-do the fight as many times as needed. You can even earn this during the quest “The Crocodile’s Jaws” .

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Win the first Hippodrome tournament.

Trophy icon

For this trophy/achievement, you’ll have to compete in the Hippodrome tournaments at the Hippodrome east of Alexandria. There are four such tournaments - Nike’s Winged Victory, Ramesses’ Divine Justice, Sol Indiges’ Cursus Magnus and Darius’ Great Battle. You need only complete one of these for the trophy/acheivement. Each tournament consists of three races, with the course changing each time (and becoming more cluttered with hazards as you advance) and you need not win every race. Depending on where you place, you’ll earn points… the higher the better, obviously. If you finish the third race with the most points, you win the tournament.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Road Rage

Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race.

Trophy icon

You can earn this trophy/achievement by destroying an opposing chariot during a Hippodrome race. Instead of focusing on winning, just single out an enemy and get beside them and ram them (press [Circle] or [B]) or get behind them and press [Circle] or [B] to trample them. When one foe has been vanquished, this trophy/achievement will pop.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Harder They Fall

Defeat the war elephants Qetesh & Resheph.

Trophy icon

You’ll find the Camp of Qetesh & Resheph in south-center of the Uab Nome. Fighting one elephant can be an ordeal, but two of them is another story altogether. They seem to have less health compared to other elephants, but make up for it with more attacks… obviously because there’s two of them. One of the elephants prefers melee, while the other focuses on ranged combat via the soldiers mounted on it. You should only attempt this when you’re level forty, have fought other elephants before and are presumably practiced in dodging them, and have good weapons for the task (Health on Hit bows could save you a lot of tears). While it may not be heroic, you can make this fight considerably easier by lowering the difficulty to Easy, as it makes it very unlikely that the elephants will do enough damage quick enough to take down a full health bar… unless your play is just atrocious, anyways. Kill both of the behemoths and this trophy/achievement is yours.

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Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

Trophy icon

There’s a good chance you’ll get this by normal play, but there are things you can do to make it more likely. First, weapons with longer range and/or more damage will, for obvious reasons, make this trophy/achievement easier. The spear is a fine weapon, having great range and being fast enough to stike before most enemy types can. Level up, get yourself a powerful spear, then return to one of the lower-level enemy camps in Siwa or Alexandria. Get a number of guards to chase you, bunch them up, then perform Bayek’s charged light attack (hold [L1] or [LB]), which will cause him to perform a twirling attack whicih can strike enemies all around him.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Arrow Whisperer

Kill an enemy with the Predator Bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow.

Trophy icon

The Arrow Whisperer takes some setting up, but otherwise it shouldn’t be too difficult in execution. You’ll need the “Enhanced Predator Bow” ability (save your game onto online storage or a USB device if you would rather not spend the two Ability Points on this) and ideally a decent Predator Bow… although it doesn’t take much to kill a normal enemy soldier with a headshot if they’re anywhere near (or better yet, below) your level. Find an enemy camp with guards who remain stationary for a long period of time and pick out a relatively weak target… and of course, a distant, safe place from which to fire. Once that’s all set up, use Senu to mark your target (or the ground near your target) and make sure you’re just over sixty meters away, but not too much further - shortly after sixty meters, the arrow will veer quickly into the ground, making this near the practial limit of sniping in the game. Aim for the head and hold [R2] or [RT] to fire and guide the arrow manually and if your aim in third person was good you shouldn’t have to do much in the way of course correction. When the enemy has a new hole in their head, you’ll get a new trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Words of Wisdom

Complete all hermit locations.

Trophy icon

To earn this trophy/achievement, you’ll have to hunt down and meditate at all the Hermit Locations in the game, of which there are five. Since some of these are in high-level areas, however, you should probably wait until late in the game to make it get to them. The names of the locations - and what province they can be found in - are as follows:

Hermit Location Province
Eremites Hideout Faiyum
Demesne of Sekhem Herakleion Nome
Ra-Hoakhty Mountain Top Black Desert
Ogdamos Paraitonion
Aquifer Oasis Qattara Depression


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