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Bad Faith

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 29

Planning with Padiaset

This quest begins immediately after completing the quest “ The Jaws of Sobek “, charging you with reporting your findings to Padiaset. Hopefully the truth of Sehetep’s crimes won’t fall on deaf ears this time. Commandeer a ship and sail east back to Krokodilopolis, where Padiaset awaits you on the island east of the one housing the Neorion Naval Academy. When you arrive, you’ll find that Padiaset is already aware of Sehetep’s misadventures due to Sehetep’s brazen attempt to use violence by proxy to resolve the matter. After a short discussion, it’s decided that, for the sake of the cult, Bayek should be the one to deal with Sehetep.

Seeking Sehetep

Finally, some justice for this Sehetep figure! His hands have been in just about every foul activity in Krokodilopolis, a threat to man and god alike. Leave Padiaset and head north through the city towards the temple of Sobek, on the way stopping to fight two of Sehetep’s assassins - including two dual-dagger weilders. Seems like he’s not going down without a fight.

Make your way north to the Temple of Sobek, which is now a restricted zone with soldiers defending the entrances. This paltry defense shouldn’t concern you in the slightest, as you can just scale any wall to reach the interior of the temple. Your target, Sehetep, can be found in the building on the western end of the temple, opposite the crocodile enclosure on the eastern end of the temple grounds. Unfortunately for Sehetep, you can climb to the top of this structure to find an opening, from which you can very likely spot your target. He’ll be talking to his bodyguard, making some bold statements about about this Siwan Medjay that stalks him. All you need to do is perform a takedown from above to finish him off, then kill his guard and escape the temple grounds.

Once done, talk to Padiaset to complete this quest and rid Krokodilopolis of Sehetep. In addition to a generous experience reward, you’ll gain the Staff of Sehetep legendary scepter.

Reward: For completing the quest “Bad Faith”
3,000 XP

Temple of Sobek

Now that you’re done with the quest, the Temple of Sobek should no longer be a restricted zone. Might as well finish exploring it while you’re here. Enter the building where Sehetep met his end - where now Padiaset prays - and climb the statue of Sobek to reach an elevated ledge. Jump onto the ledge and make your way south to find a table, on which you’ll find the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “ Sobek’s Rage “.

Reward: For completing the Temple of Sobek
450 XP

In Plain Sight

You may have completed the sidequests in Krokadilopolis, but there’s still a few lucrative things you can do… namely recover some of the treasures hidden in the Papyrus Puzzle scrolls “Sobek’s Rage” and “In Plain Sight”. First things first, let’s go after the one that can be found in Krokodilopolis. Take a gander at the scroll “In Plain Sight”:

On an island south east of Krokodilopolis there is a river with unnatural color. Nearby you’ll see the cause, and I’ll be inside the only one that’s unique.

Make your way to the southeastern most island of Krokodilopolis, where you found the illegal tannery during the quest “ The Jaws of Sobek “. On this island you’ll find some waterways stained with odd oils. Follow the colorful water until you find some square, stone enclosures holding colored dye, the apparent source of this water pollution. As the riddle says, you’re looking for “the only one that’s unique. There are three colors here, red, white and yellow. There are multiple yellow and red enclosures, but there’s only one white enclosure, inside of which you’ll find your treasure.

Sobeks Rage

Now for the previously-obtained Papyrus Puzzled scrolls “Sobek’s Rage”, which reads:

East of Krokodilopolis, south of the shattered pyramid, a large beast of a god stares angrily at a pharaoh who shows him no respect. I’m hidden behind the blasphemer’s head.

In the southwestern corner of the Haueris Nome, east of Krokodilopolis (specifically, east and slightly north of the Temple of Sobek fast travel point) you’ll find another fast travel point atop a pyramid - the pyramid can be clearly seen on the map… at least, if you’ve dispelled the fog of war over the Haueris Nome. This is near the Tomb of Amenemhat III point of interest. Head to this fast travel point and synchronize with it, if you wish, then look south to find a large, ruined temple. In the pillared temple you’ll find a large crocodile statue, which is looking south. From this statue head south to find a large statue of a seated man - the pharaoh who is snubbing the “god” statue, presumably by having its back turned to the crocodile statue. The treasure is on the ground near the back of the pharaoh statue’s head, which sticks up above the edge of the temple.


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