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Main Quest - The Final Weighing (Part 1)

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 32

The Medjays Return Home

You’ll be spared the trip to Siwa, instead Bayek and Aya will appear at the outskirts of their home town. Ride down the street strewn with the writhing bodies of the native Siwans until you come across a Roman checkpoint. Either confront the Romans blocking the road directly (even if the matter were in dispute, Aya’s presence should make the fight easier), sneak behind them and take them out all sneaky-like, or just ride around them. However you manage to get past the Romans, continue down the road until you run into Rabiyah, who will implore you to do what you already plan to do.

Romans attempt to block the roads of Siwa (left) kill them and enter the vault (right).

At Rabiyah turn northeast and follow the road uphill to reach the Temple of Amun, fighting your way through (or sneaking around) another group or Roman soldiers near the entrance. Enter the main temple building, where you killed Medunamun so long ago, fighting through several more Romans before descending into the vault where Khemu died. Tragedy is no stranger to Bayek in this place, and he is met with it once again. Carry the Order’s latest victim out of the vault, and once outside Rabiah will explain what happened.

After Bayek finishes interring the corpse of his friend, talk to Rabiah, who will give you Hepzefa’s Sword , a legendary-quality sword unique for being a very, very rare melee weapon with the “On Fire” property… which can also be something of a liabiltiy in close quarters. Next make your way to where Khemu lies interred and speak to Aya, who will give you a lead on Flavius, while she sets her sights back on Septimius in Alexandria.

The End is Nigh

This, naturally, gives you the excuse you’ve needed to explore the northwestern provinces, including Libue, Green Mountains, Paraitonion, Marmarica and, of course, Kyreniaika. There are around twenty quests awaiting you there, ranging from level thirty-three to level thirty-eight. Suffice to say, it’s quite a level jump, so if you’re not prepared, now is a fine time to tackle any side quests and points of interest you may have neglected previously. Also, since you’re finally on your own and have some freedom, now is as good a time as any to return to the Herakleion Nome and finish the unresolved points of interest there and in the Im-Khent Nome.

As for the northwestern provinces, the quests will be presented largely based on their suggested levels, although some quests intertwine or branch off each other in ways that make completing them in an order not strictly bound by their suggested level more sensible, from a progression stand-point.

This is the final bit of gameplay, and once the side quests (and perhaps points of interest) in the northwest are resolved, you should be powerful enough to tackle high-level sidequests elsewhere, like “ Fires of Dionysias “ (Suggested Level: 37), “ Demons in the Desert “ (Suggested Level: 39) and “ Plight of the Rebels “ (Suggested Level: 40), as well as all the points of interest in the high-level provinces that have been neglected so far, like the Qattara Depression, the Isolated Desert, the Black Desert, the White Desert Oasis and the Desheret Desert.

As usual, if you don’t care to finish up the points of interest in the Herakleion Nome and the Im-Khent Nome, skip ahead to Chapter 10 - The Lion , and if you think your strength is sufficient to go after Flavius and/or can’t be bothered to deal with any pesky side quests, skip ahead to “ The Final Weighting - Part 2 “.


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