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Fair Trade

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 13

Return to Sau Village (fortunately there’s a fast travel point!) and head to the southern end of the village, where you’ll find some soldiers ogling a blacksmith’s wares. Examine an ostracon on the table near the blacksmith to learn the history of the “Serpent of Serapis”, which will start this quest.

After you’re done reading the blacksmith - Sokar - will chat with you and spear of the glories of the Serpent of Serapis. Unfortunately, according to Sokar you won’t get a chance to see if the weapon lives up to the legend, as its owner was slain by one of Sefetu’s soldiers. Sokar is clearly not fond of where his weapon ended up, but hey, it’s not like somebody is going to go searching for the trireme on which the soldier who now possesses the spear can be found, right? Right?

Of course you are! The soldier may be on a trireme sailing around Lake Mareotis, but if you track the quest you’ll notice the search area is centered around the docks on the southern end of Alexandria. The ship may be at port, or it may be sailing around the waters along the northern end of Lake Mareotis - get within the search area and use Senu to find out for sure. It’s actually easier to deal with the ship’s crew if they’re out at sea, as there’s only four soldiers on board (level 11) including your spear thief. Once it’s out at sea you can pick off the soldiers on board by using whistles and ledge takedowns… or just storm the deck an assassinate them.

Once you kill the marked soldier, be sure to grab the Serpent of Serapis he drops, a rare (purple) quality spear. When it’s in your possession, this quest will end.

Reward: For completing the quest “Fair Trade”
1,000 XP, Serpent of Serapis


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