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The Hungry River

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 14

Angry, Angry Hippos

Assuming you’re coming off the quest “ The Weasel “ make your way down the road to the southwest to reach the site of this quest. Near a fork in the road you’ll find a woman wailing about someone named Meketre. Talk to a man named Jahra to learn what’s up and he’ll inform you that bandits attack recently, but worse than that, they disturbed some hippos during their attack, driving the beasts into the peasant’s fields. Hippos are nasty critters, and until they’ve been dealt with, the crops can’t be tended to, the dead can’t be buried, and the land around their very homes isn’t safe.

The next phase of this quest is simple - you simply need to head to the fields to the south, southeast and carry back four corpses (marked as quest objectives). Of course, hippopotami (levels 12-13) will complicate matters, but if you’ve been getting decent drops and keeping your bows up to snuff, two head shots from a Predator Bow should still suffice to bring one down. There are only two in the fields, but potentially many more in the water, where only one body resides, and quite near shore, at that.

Drag all the bodies back as the woman continues to wail about Meketre, and once all four are recovered it seems that Meketre is not among them. Whatever happened to Meketre, he was their protector, and now that he’s gone they’re easy prey for the bandits - who call themselves the Hungry Great Ones. Bayek, being the nice guy that he is, decides to offer some aid, since it’s clear the gods aren’t going to and that aid, of course, comes in the form of murdering bandits!

Ride down the road to the southwest and ford the river, then take your first right (west) and head uphill to find some white towers, one of which serves as a fast travel point - or at least it will when you synchronize with it. Claim the fast travel point, then take flight with Senu and locate your objective in the canyon to the west, then perform a leap of faith and travel by foot to the west until you reach the bandit camp Jahra told you about - Patamos Hideout.

Sneak around the hippos and carry the bodies to the marker (left). Clear out any hippos too near the bodies if you must using your bow (right).

Patamos Hideout

Another standard bandit camp, the location objectives include killing a captain (level 14) and looting a treasure. There are also numerous lower-quality henchmen (levels 12-14) that need to be dispatched. There’s one glaring weakness to this camp that should be exploited - it’s located in low ground, meaning you can shoot down into the camp from above. This isn’t fool-proof, of course, and you shouldn’t get too secure, as the bandits, if roused, can and will climb up to investigate. Still, you can easily pick off all the bandits on higher levels, then start working on stragglers. As long as nobody’s watching or near the victim when you shoot them, it’ll only raise a mild state of alarm.

Kill the bandits, then drop down to the lowest level of the canyon camp and head to the west, northwestern edge of the camp to find a cubby with a large red chest in it. Loot it to obtain this point of interest’s treasure and, if the captain is dead, complete it.

Reward: For completing the Potamos Hideout
400 XP

Now that the camp has been cleared, find Meketre in his cage and free him, then follow him as he flees the canyon. When he escapes, talk to him to learn that well, your work isn’t done yet. Turns out the leader of the bandits went back to finish what they started, and left for Meketre’s village a while back.

Follow the road back northeast until you reach the farm where you gathered bodies earlier and continue down the road to the east to reach Meketre’s village. Sure enough, you’ll find bandits in the throes of slaughter, and there’s no time for stealth or caution this time. Charge into the fray and put down the bandits (levels 13-14), after which you’ll be able to talk to Meketre to finish the quest.

Meketre is held captive at the far end of the camp (left). Later, help him clear out the bandits from his village (right).

Reward: For completing the quest “The Hungry River”
1,500 XP

Ptolemy Statue

And… in another case of “since you’re here already…” there’s a Ptolemy Statue just east of the village. Why not go say “hi” while you’re here for some easy experience? Also, if you want to claim the fast travel point to the northeast, you might as well do that now and save yourself a bit of travel later.

Reward: For destroying a Ptolemy Statue
300 XP


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