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Demons in the Desert

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 39

You should have started this quest during “ The Crocodile’s Scales “, by reading a letter on Hotephres’ ship. To really get the ball rolling, however, you’ll need to talk to a demented farmer wandering around near the Dionysias Caravanserai. Talk to the babbling, paranoid man and he’ll… well, do more of the same, telling you that demons abducted some boy. Naturally, Bayek’s misplaced paternal instincts demand he get involved.

Find a deranged farmer wandering around the Dionysias Caravanserai, who will tell you about some "demons" (left). Head to the tower the farmer mentioned to find the missing boy, who is having a spat with some hyenas (right).

Head into the desert southwest of the Dionysias Caravanserai to find the ruined tower the deranged farmer mentioned. You don’t find any demons, but you will encounter some hyenas (level 49) around the base of the tower. Help the “boy” kill the beasts, then talk to him and he, Rahotep, will insist on heading into the desert for the sake of his father.

Follow the determined bow into a sand storm (left) then ride along as he pilots a ship across a lake (right).

Mount up and follow him south as a sandstorm kicks up, and after it subsides, dismount when Rahotep does and keep following him on foot to reach the edge of a lake, possibly fighting more hyenas as you go. Board a boat and Rahotep will sail across the body of water that gives the White Desert Oasis its name, talking as he goes. He’s a foolish boy, doing his best to throw his life away in an attempt at rescuing his father, and Bayek is a man bereft of a son, whose out-dated duty is to protect the populace. There’s friction, but Rahotep won’t be deterred, leaving Bayek little choice but to join his endeavor.

Desert Waterfalls Hideout

Eventually he’ll lead you to the southern edge of the lake with the goal to rescue some fellow farmers from the nearby Desert Waterfalls Hideout. Fortunately, Bayek talks the boy into staying back while he tackles the camp alone. While a medium-sized camp as far as objectives goes and packed with strong enemies, this shouldn’t much of a problem if your level is anywhere near that of the enemies you’re facing. Enemy density is low, the camp is sprawling and there’s ample foliage to hide in.

The Desert Waterfalls Hideout's ample foliage makes clearing it a simple matter (left), after which you'll need to free the captive farmers (right).

Use Senu to mark the captain (level 40) commander (level 41) bandits (levels 38 - 39) the two treasures you can loot here, and the farmers you need to save. After that, sneak south to reach the northern end of the camp and kill several guards near a watch tower. The next stop should be a campsite to the southeast, where the foliage makes matters especially simple, just be wary of a cave to the north wherein a foe may camp, but in which you’ll also find a large red chest. The camp’s second treasure, a small white chest, can be found in the tent to the south.

From this camp head southeast to find another campsite, where another cluster of bandits awaits. Again, use the nearby bushes well and whistle them to their doom, then clear up the camp by killing the remaining few bandits near the cages in which the captive farmers are kept.

Reward: For completing the Desert Waterfall Hideout
900 XP

Larder Station Hideout

Kill the bandits, then free the imprisoned farmers and lead/follow them east out the camp’s southeastern exit, where you’ll regroup with Rahotep. Although the farmers waver, Rahotep bombards them with a bit of guilt and wins them over to the task of rescuing his father. After the chatter has ended, mount up and follow the bloodthirsty farmers to the next “demon” camp, the Larder Station Hideout. This is a small camp, and stealth is completely out of the question here, what with several mounted hooligans leading the way. Ride on in and kill the captain and his half-dozen or so minions, then loot a large red chest in a shelter along the southern end of camp.

Reward: For completing the Larder Station Hideout
600 XP

Join the farmer's assault on the Larder Station Hideout (left) then carry the boy's father to safety (right).

When the area’s location objectives have been completed, search a dock along the southeastern end of the camp to find Rahotep’s father, who is in no condition to walk out under his own power. Pick him up and carry him out of the camp and to the marked location to the north to complete the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “Demons in the Desert”
3,000 XP


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